Saturday, November 24, 2012

We Got Our Christmas Tree

Lachlan has been looking forward to Christmas this year.  He has really begun to understand his desire to want things.  Sadly this is why he is looking forward to Christmas because he wants many things.  Jeffrey and I try not to buy him anything as soon as fall hits but instead save anything we might normally get him for Christmas and his birthday which is just a couple of weeks after Christmas.  So when he has been asking for things we have said, "maybe for Christmas or your birthday."
One day when he asked for a "prize" which is the word he interchanges with "present" I asked him if it was Christmas yet.  He said yes.  I then asked, well where's the Christmas tree.  (You see at this point you think I would get it that I keep backing myself into corners here.)  Of course Lachlan got very anxious to go get a Christmas tree.  So Jeffrey came up with the brilliant idea of marking the day on our calendar and we have been counting down in anticipation.  Today was the day.
We went to Ballyntyne Tree Farm again this year, they had an awesome Groupon deal.  But of course I didn't read the fine print that said it wasn't good until December 1st.  We showed up today with 2 very excited boys.  Thank goodness there was a very kind gentlemen that let us pick out our tree and use our Groupon.
Heading out to the trees.
It's so pretty out there I had to make them stop for a picture.
I asked Lachlan who was taller, him or the tree.  He exclaimed with pride, "me!"
 Ooh.  These trees are poky.
Anything brother does.
 Through the woods.
 Kickin' something.  Peter the destroyer at his finest.
"Peter, don't step in the water."  Any guesses on his next move?
 They were roaring.  I thought they were bears in the woods, but I was corrected, they are T-Rex.  My mistake.
Watching Dad cut down our final pick.  Notice Lachlan is holding Peter's hand.  This I did not encourage, he did it all on his own.
What are you doing there Dad?  As the tree is tipping over.
It was a fun trip.  We were covered in mud.  Jeffrey had to tie the tree to the top of our mini van for the first time, since his truck is currently out of commission.  Yep we are "that" family, and loving every minute of it!

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