Saturday, December 22, 2012

Swanborough Christmas 2012

We had the first of our family Christmas' today because my husband's parents are going to Montana to spend Christmas with their daughter and her family.  It was a wonderful day.  We started out playing with some of Grandma & Grandpa's toys because they had no idea what was waiting for them.
Grandpa lit the candles by the Nativity.
We opened the stockings first.  They were thrilled with these two little balls that when you soak in water turn into wash clothes.

They got some Whittle World characters in their stockings too.
 Next they got these amazing sets.  This is a cargo ship with a truck.  The ship has a crane that lifts the cargo off the truck and on to the ship.
 An airplane with passengers and luggage.  It also has a luggage cart and a luggage hauler that can toy the plane onto the tarmac and bring the luggage out to load onto the plane.

They are lucky little boys.
I got a little loving from Peter and asked Jeff to grab the camera.  Glad he did.  My little man stood on my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck.  Of course I had to tickle him and try to kiss him.

I am so blessed.  
Day #2 of Christmas festivities starts tomorrow. 

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