Monday, February 25, 2013

Grandpa Allan This Heart's for You

It was Grandpa Allan's birthday last week so on Sunday we went over for a dual birthday lunch.  My birthday is also coming up soon, so we celebrated mine as well.  Lachlan wanted to write Grandpa a note.  I downloaded this trace font from the internet and can now print out anything Lachlan would like to say for him to trace. 
One of my favorite kids shows is Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and one of the episodes talks about how you show someone that you love them.  In the first part of the show Daniel writes a letter and sends it to his Dad.  The letter says "Dear Dad, This heart is for you.  Love, Daniel."  So that is where we got the wording for this letter here. 
In the second part of the show Daniel makes a cake for his Mom to show his love. 
Jeff has now asked two times where I save the file to make these letters.  I have a sneaking suspicion I might be getting one of my very own for my birthday.  Don't worry, I will act totally surprised.
I am so proud of Lachlan because he was so determined to write this letter.  In the past I had to encourage him to do any more than just his name.  He would do one word and give up.  But he kept going until he had it all done.  He even missed a few letters and upon reviewing the note he found those he had missed and traced them.  When the letter was done we talked about folding the letter in half and then half again to put in an envelope.  Since he was so determine with his writing I thought I would try to take it to the next step.  So I wrote to Grandpa from Lachlan on the front and then wrote a line under his name for him to try to copy his name below freehand.  He was starting to get frustrated at this point but still determined.  A few minutes later I said "Okay everyone, it's time to go!"  He burst into tears, "no I am not done yet, I can't do it."  Oh poor guy, it seems I may have pushed too far.  I am still so proud of his perseverance though.  I sat next to him and helped him through it. 
When it was finished he was so proud and on the drive north to Grandma and Grandpa's told us all about his plan to surprise Grandpa with his note.  He was going to hold it behind his back and tell him not to look and then pull it out, surprise Grandpa, here you go.  Which is of course just what he did.  I am not sure if anyone could have appreciated the note more than Grandpa who has been a life long teacher.  He studied every mark made on that page and was impressed with Lachlan's skills. 

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