Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peter's 2nd Birthday

As Mom it is only natural to reflect back on the day of Peter's birth when his birthday rolls around.  Yesterday was Peter's second birthday.  Not only can I reflect on his birth in my mind but in pictures.  I was so blessed to have his birth captured by my friend Amber at Life in Color photo.

About 2 years ago as we were gathering for some sort of event and I was very pregnant Amber was just getting into following her passion of photography professionally.  She made a comment about wanting to do birth photography but needed to practice on someone as she looked my way.  I told her I would love it.  No crowning shots though right?  Of course not she said.  I told her I would talk to Jeff and was actually surprised that Jeff was on board.

So when labor began and we were heading to the hospital we gave Amber a call.  She came, she took pictures, and kept me company.  Peter arrived 1 minute before his due date.  Yep, you read that right, he was due on Valentine's day and was born at 11:59 February 13th.  Many were disappointed he wasn't a Valentine's baby, but I wasn't.  I wanted him to have his own day.  The staff at the hospital called him a Valentine's baby, they said he was close enough, so instead of the normal blue and pink striped stocking cap he got a special red one.

Peter was 9lbs 12oz.  He started out big and his growth curve went straight up from there.  He is 2 years younger than Lachlan but people often ask if they are twins.  He is a funny boy.  He makes faces to make you laugh, at 2, I find this pretty impressive.  He is a mini version of me.  Lachlan looks just like his Dad and Peter just like me.

Peter and I share the same birthday month.  My birthday is February 28th.  So in 2011, when Peter was born, Jeff and I were trying to come up with something to do to celebrate my birthday.  Amber had put together a slideshow of the photos she had taken and we hadn't seen any of the images yet.  I thought viewing these images for the first time would be a perfect birthday celebration.  So we found a sitter for Lachlan and Jeff and I, along with brand new Peter, went to Amber's, sat down on the couch in her basement in front of a big projector screen and were moved to tears.  If you want to see the slideshow you can see it here.

I feel so blessed to have these images to cherish always.  If you are debating whether or not to have a photographer at the birth of one of your children, I say do it!

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  1. Still my favorite shoot of all time. I loved it! Happy birthday sweet Peter!