Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are talking about winter and what animals do in the winter to survive.  Today's FunShine lesson was all about bears and hibernation.  We walked like bears and Lachlan also felt the need to scratch like a bear, poor Peter.  This was the craft project to go along with the lesson.  It had great cutting practice incorporated.  He did so well with the arch shape of the top of the bear and the straight line across the bottom was a cinch.
Proud of his work but wouldn't look at the camera of course. 
Then I let him color the bear.  He really has never enjoyed coloring so it was a quick part of the process. 
Next we cut the paper plate in half, glued the bear to the back half, stapled the plates together and cut the little slit to open it up in the middle to see the bear.  Lastly we added glue and glitter, also known as snow to the top of his cave.

On today's itinerary: make a cave or other type of winter home, collect nuts for the winter and play with icy cold water.  I adapted the concept of collecting nuts and playing with ice a little by actually freezing pistachio shells in water using a silicone snowflake cupcake mold.  There are six so I added a little counting to the project as well.  One mold has 1 shell, the next 2 and so on until one has 6 shells.  Now collecting nuts for winter and playing with frozen temperatures are all one project.  This should be fun, I will take pictures and let you know how it goes. 

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