Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lachlan wrote his name!

We are still in the December curriculum of FunShine Express.  We just pulled out our December workbook and it has a place for the kids to write their name at the bottom.  This is a fun way to see your children's improvement in writing from month to month.  In the past Lachlan has just written the letter L but this month he took a stab at the whole thing.  The letters are not in the correct order, but who cares!  He tried and he did so well.
 I wrote Lachlan's name at the top and he has a space at the bottom to write his name on his own.  Lachlan was sitting at the counter working on a different project and I had this set out in my to work on pile for a day or two so I grabbed it and put it in front of him.  I just casually asked if he would put his name on it and pointed to the lower area, handed him a pencil and walked away.  I tried to make it a no pressure situation.  When I glanced back I noticed that he had written his L backwards, the curse of having an L name.  So I pointed out that I thought it was backwards and showed him his name that I had written at the top.  He looked up at it, studied it a bit and started writing.  Again I walked away and let him do it on his own.  When I came back I was so excited that he didn't stop after he wrote the L.
He wrote the A then the C, skipped H and L and moved on to the next A then N.  He must have studied his name on the top a little more and realized he missed a few letters because on the far right he added the H and L.

I was ecstatic of course and told him I was so proud of him for trying so hard and writing his name for the first time.  Oh the beaming smile I got to see!

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