Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank you Grandma D

Have you ever looked around your house and done an inventory of what you have bought and what you have been given?  I have, it always seems I have been given way more than I have bought.  This computer I am typing on now, given to me, our TV, sound system, DVD player, glider, kids table, dining room table, refrigerator, almost everything that fills our kitchen.  I am so blessed.  We may not be financially wealthy but we are rich in friends and family who are so kind to us.

Grandma D had an extra computer she wasn't using and we were the lucky recipients.  We set it up in the master bedroom because it was the only space we really had at the time but we also thought it could be used for watching Netflix in bed.  It worked great for the first few weeks and then I just could not get it to work.  Grandma D came over for a visit and I mentioned to her that I couldn't get it to work so she spend and hour plus trying to figure it out.  She loves puzzles, specifically computer puzzles.  I always feel so bad to put her to work when she comes to visit but we are so excited to have it working again.

So the boys wanted to say thank you with a few picture of them enjoying your gift and all your hard work to fix it. This should make you smile Grandma D.

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