Friday, April 12, 2013

Ant Poop

Teaching Lachlan the different aspects of cooking.  I showed him apple juice, applesauce and an apple and told him how you turn the apple, which grows on a tree, into the other things.

Then you were supposed to teach them the word Chef and what that means.  So I asked Lachlan.
"Do you know what you call a person who cooks food?"

"Daddy!" he exclaims.

As you can tell, Mommy doesn't do much cooking.  I am better at putting food together.  You know what I mean.  Sandwiches in different forms.  I can cut up fruit and veggies, actually pretty much anything I am good at cutting up.  I am a master at the microwave and toaster oven but stay away from the stove top and real oven as much as possible.  

So this should be an interesting theme.

Oh and on another note regarding the apples, major fail on my part.  Lachlan wanted to eat the apple right out of the fridge.  I was trying to explain to him that we needed to wash it first but I didn't want to go into pesticides and all that.  So I thought, hmm, that's it, I will tell him that maybe a bug walked on it.  So as I was explaining this to him out of no where I decided to delve a little deeper and add on to the end "and maybe he pooped."

Why oh why, now he is eating the apple and telling me he sees ant poop and it needs to be washed.  Lesson learned.  Do not tell your child that their food may have been pooped on.
Ha! Still laughing.
The lessons we must learn as parents. 

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