Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter weekend

Lachlan walking back to the play structure in the beautiful light.
At a Birthday party on Saturday.  He looks a little concerned.
So I tickled him to make him laugh.
Cute chap.
Hunting for eggs at The Woods Easter egg hunt.
Checking on his stash.
Showing the Easter bunny his stash of eggs.

There was a family posed to take a picture and Peter walked right up to join them.  I scooted him over a bit to get a picture of him.  He was posing so nice.
Lachlan posed too.
Peter convincing his Dad that he needed to open more candy for him.  He was very convincing.
Lachlan checking on his egg collection.
Chocolate ring.
Lachlan found the golden egg and got a special basket.

"Mom, watch out there is a car coming!"
I think all the children slept well from the crazy amount of playing.
My Aunt and Uncle sell supplies to car dealerships.  So they just happen to have the extraordinarily large balloons in their storage building.  Lucky kids.
His hat kept getting bumped by the balloons and knocked off.  So we went backwards.

Grant joined us for some fun.

The boys slept long and hard last night.  So did Mom and Dad.  It was a fun weekend.

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