Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The theme we just entered into with FunShine Express is emotions and feelings.  I love this topic because it is so important for the little ones at this age to learn the language around what they are feeling.  We are just on the first day or so of this theme but this is what we have done so far.

First they provided topic cards with pictures of children with different facial expressions, expressing an emotion.  We looked at the pictures and discussed their feelings.

We did a puzzle with a picture of a boy on it.  I love these puzzles.  They are simply a large print of a picture that you cut in four and a picture key.  These were really hard for Lachlan at first but now he's got it.  I set it down, turned my head, turned back and he was done.  I was so proud of him. 
Today their recommendation for the science section was the sound of feeling.  The idea was to record sounds like laughing, crying, sighing, yawning and so on, that are associated with a feeling.  Then have them listen to the sound and name it.  For the sake of time I skipped the recording part and just had him close his eyes as I made the sound and then he would guess.  It was fun, and so simple I had to pass it along!

There will be more lessons on emotions, I will write more as we go. 

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