Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Various Vegetables

We are in the Kids in the Kitchen theme with FunShine Express.  On this day we were asked to collect various vegetables to talk about with the kids.  To touch, feel, examine and taste.  Then we were to classify the vegetables in to groups by different categories.  For example: first by color, then maybe texture or shape. 

I wasn't sure what I would do with that many vegetables in the house and it just so happened that on this day I didn't have the usual daycare children.  So I decided to take Lachlan and Peter to the grocery store and cruise through the vegetable section.  I didn't let them touch or handle the fruit so it did eliminate a few senses of observation, but it was still a lot of fun.  We got to see some vegetables we wouldn't normally bring home.

Lastly, I let them pick out which ever vegetable they wanted to bring home.  I truly prepared myself for them to bring home some obscure vegetable that I have never even heard of.  My plan was to look it up on Pinterest or Allrecipes.com to find something to do with it.   Luckily my boys picked out a red and orange bell pepper.  Phew!  I have yet to cut it up but when I do I want them to be fully involved, turn it into somewhat of a dissection.  I am hoping this will make them feel more committed to the idea of trying it because they came along with me for the whole process.  I will keep you posted.

Of course this whole process is pretty inherent if you have a garden.  They are even more involved in the process because they get to help grow, plant, water and pick the vegetables or fruit.  One of my favorite childhood memories is of walking around our house, picking fruit, washing them with the hose (some times not washing them at all) and eating and eating until our hearts content.

We NEED to get started on some sort of a garden, even maybe just a tomato plant in a pot for this year.   I  will have to talk to my sister (horticulture pro) and check out tips from my friend at Proverbs Thirty One Woman.  Maybe even get a copy of her cookbook, for my husband of course.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time and a great project to do with the little ones! I try to do this periodically - I'll tke my 4 year old over to the ethnic produce section of the store, for example, and he'll choose something that we cook together. Recently, it was cactus! A farmer's market or local pick-your-own type farm would be great for this, too. Keep up the good work - and yes, plant SOMETHING this spring! :)

    1. I really did luck out, cactus? How and the heck would you cook that? We have a great Saturday market in our town, two in fact. That's a great idea!