Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cutting with a Knife - Toddler Style

Peter and Lucy pulled out 2 plastic children's butter knives out of the drawer.  We just picked these up from IKEA a little while back.  They wanted to cut something and I figure, why not?  So I got out the play dough and made long snakes and let them cut away. 

Peter cutting
When Lachlan woke up and joined us I decided to add a measurement element to it and laid the ruler next to his snake.
Lachlan's pieces were cut pretty evenly.  He really enjoyed measuring to see how long his snake was.
I got it started and then let him roll it out a bit on his own too. 
Fun and simple!  FunShine Express has had us use the rolled out play dough like this to form into shapes of letters.  So you could add that element to it.  Or ask them to cut you a certain amount of pieces or even put masking tape down with measurements on it and ask them to cut it to a certain length.  I am sure we will do this again and try out a new element each time.

Have fun!

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