Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 4 - alligator

Today was a challenging day to get the kids focused on a school project.  I think it is the 80 degree temps and beautiful sunshine.  I was able to get them to make their alligator A but that was about it.  The rest I was able to work through but on the go.
I hid the letters in the living room before Lachlan woke up.  Peter was awake but had no idea what I was doing.  When Lachlan woke up I told him there were 3 As hidden around the living room and kitchen.  Once they were found they joined us for breakfast at the little table.  I put one away to keep it safe for when Grant came over.  
 After breakfast we did our circle time routine and then hopped up to work on our alligator As.  Lachlan was getting frustrated that his alligator teeth weren't turning out quite like the picture.  To help him out a bit I drew the zig zag pattern of the teeth along the edge of the paper for him to try to follow with his scissors. 

Sticking the teeth on.
Show me your A
Peter's version of show me your A
Grant spent a lot of time working on his.  He loved this project.  He put two eyes on his A and copied the scales on the skin like what was done on the example sheet.

Cutting out his alligator teeth.

 The finished product.  All three of our alligator As.

This is where we had class part of the day.  I hid the Phonics Tags around the backyard for them to find.  I asked him how the apple and lowercase A looked alike.  Circle, he said.  We pretended to eat an apple like an alligator, talked about alligator teeth and sang the alligator's mouth song to the wheels on the bus tune.  All perfectly fun and appropriate for outdoor fun. 
Later in the day, after Peter was down for a nap, Grant and Lachlan and I did the Alligator Chomps activity.  We got out the Hands-On numbers and I pulled out some dried beans I had for rocks.  I told Lachlan about how alligators bite off pieces but don't chew it, they eat rocks to help break up the food.  I had them each choose a couple numbers, Lachlan chose 20 and Grant 19.  We counted out beans but again not really that successful at focusing.  That's okay, I was excited how quickly Lachlan grabbed the #2 and called it by it's name.  Sometimes I am not sure what he knows and doesn't.  I thought I would like the Hands-On letters and numbers that come with Mother Goose Time, I was wrong, I love them.  We will be using these a lot. 

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