Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 6 - fishing

Lachlan has been asking to go fishing for quite some time, so this was a fun topic.  We started our day with the Opening Circle activities and the Question of the Day.  Have you ever been fishing? "No, but my grandfather is going to take me there."

We did things out of order today as they fit into our day.  Technically there is no required order in Mother Goose Time.  The activities and lessons are all listed on the 2 pages of curriculum for each day each in their own box.  Four boxes from left to right which is usually the order we follow.  You really can do them in any order.  We started our day with making the paper fish out of the paper strips. 

Checking out his new fish.
Trying to figure out how to make a fish.
Adding some eyes to his fish.
Still struggling to make a fish.
Now he's got it.
Just happened to pick up this ice tray of fish at IKEA this weekend.
Later in the day we measured our fish to find the biggest one.
Finally at the end of the day picked out our fish cut outs and made our fishing poles.
Then we colored them.
Lachlan wanted dots.

Peter wanted dots too of course.
Our finished fish.
We added hooks to the end of our fishing poles and put out our paper fish we made earlier in the day.
Lachlan's about to hook a fish!

Got it!
His prize fish.

This is how Peter hooks a fish.  Picks it up and sticks the hook through.
Got it!
At the end of a long day of fishing.  The poles are resting against the chair and their days catch is sitting on the seat.
After fishing we hopped in the tub.  We played the "Catch a Fish" song on the Bubbles, Boats and Floats CD and sang along as we splashed in the tub.  Every time the word fish was said in the song I had them wiggle their hands like a fish.

After they got out of the tub and got their jammies on we ended the day with a family game of Fishing on the Lake.  The Folder Game that came with today's lesson.

It was a full and wonderful day of fishing fun!

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