Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother Goose Time Displays

The kids really enjoyed the new displays from Mother Goose Time.  I think it was fun for them to have something different up to explore.  I put the Mother Goose Time displays up with the FunShine express stuff.  I actually really like using both sets.

The number display for Mother Goose Time has all of the numbers in a line from 1 to 20.  This way the kids can see the whole picture and where the numbers we are learning fit in.  We used this number line with a FunShine activity where we were learning the number 11.  I wrote the number 11 on a paper cup and got out a tray of dried beans.  FunShine had me ask Lachlan to count out 11 beans to put in the cup.  He counted and then handed it to me.  I then counted the beans and counted 12.  I said "uh oh Lachlan there are 12 beans in the cup," as I pointed to the number 12 on the number line.  I then moved my finger down to the number 11 and said we need to go back one to get to 11, so we need to take one bean out.  It was a basic intro to math and it was so nice to have it so visual and tactile. 

The weather chart has the full week listed and little clips to clip the weather card to.  This way they can track the full week of weather.  I like this being on the wall so we can have a conversation about what the weather was like yesterday or guess what it might be like tomorrow.  Lachlan is having a hard time with what those words truly mean.  He says what we did yesterday for anything done in the past, whether one day ago or a week ago.  So I look forward to more clearly demonstrating this vocabulary.  It is, however, very nice to have paired with the FunShine Weather chart which has real pictures of different weather options rather than clip art.  I also usually have more than one child who wants to do the weather charting.  This way big brother can do the week long Mother Goose chart and little brother can do the daily FunShine chart. 

I have also hung up the world map and the alphabet chart.  I love having the whole alphabet up at once.  They often stand in front of it and point to letters or I ask them to find letters.  If they need help I say it makes the /c/ sound like "cat".  There are pictures of items that start with that letter and for C there is a cat so they can track the letter down on their own.

The only thing we have done so far is point out where Grandpa Allan is from - Australia.  Lachlan now enjoys showing everyone that visits where his Grandpa is from. 

There are a few displays that I haven't posted yet. One is the meal chart.  Mother Goose Time incorporates table setting and meal planning/healthy eating into their curriculum.  I think this is a great idea.  The display shows a plate divided into portions of  vegetables, fruit, grains and proteins.  It also shows where to place the fork, napkin, spoon, knife and drinks.  We have place mats from Melissa & Doug that show place settings.  This month we learn where the napkin goes and since we already have that lesson on our table I just haven't posted their display yet.  But I will try to come up with a way to use it to cover the food groups that I missed in the previous months of Mother Goose Time.

I also have not posted the shapes display, simply because I have ran out of wall space.  But when I find spot I will put it up.  Again this display has all the shapes on it rather than just one displayed at a time.

Overall, I am very impressed with the design of the displays and have really enjoyed incorporating them into lessons and daily teachable moments.  I know it makes my home look like a preschool but the moments of spontaneous learning far out way the desire I have for a perfect home.

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