Thursday, May 16, 2013

We Planted Tomatoes!

After doing the Various Vegetables lesson from FunShine Express I really saw how having the kids involved in the choosing of the vegetable would make them more willing to try it.   This made me really want to have them involved in the growing of food.  So I told myself, and my husband, we must plant SOMETHING this year.  Turns out we had a few tomato cages and thought tomatoes would be a good place to start.  So for Mother's day my husband watched the kids so I could go shopping and snooping on my own!  This was so nice.  I even got to pick out my own Mother's day present.  Jeff had already gotten me something but he wanted me to pick out something nice for myself.  So sweet.  While I was out and about I picked up 2 tomato plants and some soil that we might actually be able to grow something in. 

This was such a fun family project.  Jeff did most of the digging, but they boys helped of course.  

I got these elephant watering cans in the dollar section at Target.  We filled them up and let them water away.  I have a feeling these tomato plants will never be thirsty. 

My Mother got me this beautiful pot with the plants, the solar light and the glass globe watering thingy ma bob (that's its technical name) for my Mother's day present.

And more water. :)
It turns out it is nice to have cages around the tomatoes plants for more than just support when growing but also for protection.  I do hope these plants survive long enough to produce at least one ripe tomato. 

Maybe this weekend we will add one more veggie of some sort.  Any recommendations?  Something that likes a lot of water maybe?

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