Thursday, June 20, 2013

M is for Moose in the Morning

On Tuesday I was not able to get all the lessons done from our Moose day.  So yesterday I started the day with Moose Math. It just so happened that Colton and Riley, my nephew and niece were coming over.  Colton just finished Kindergarten and will be a first grader next year.  He was so excited to join in. 

Colton chose the first number out of the bag, he got the highest number, 20.  So I asked him, how many fingers do you have? "10".  Well how are you going to make 20 points on your antler then?  "I don't know." he said.  Well I think you are going to need some help.  Maybe Lachlan can help you.  So Colton stuck his 10 fingers up there and Lachlan added his 10.  Then I made them pose for the camera.

Peter pulled 16 out of the bag.  He did the 10 and Colton did the 6.
Lachlan pulled 3 out of the bag.  Colton wanted to join in.  He was having too much fun.  But I told him with his three and Lachlan's three that's 6.
So Colton removed his three points and we have a three point Moose.
Next Colton picked 12 out of the bag.  So he did the 10 and little cousin struggled to get his 2 fingers up there.  Colton is getting tall.

This was such a fun way to play with numbers.  It also showed me how well MGT can be adapted for a large age range.  Colton knows his numbers and letters and is even starting to read.  But we did some basic math when we were trying to figure out how to put the right amount of antlers up.  I am sure it was a good and fun review, a great way to keep his skills up over the summer.  I am so excited because he is coming over every Wednesday through July and August. 

I still really want to do Mmm Mmm Good, where we look through grocery adds for food that starts with the /m/ sound.  Turns out, I throw away all the grocery ads as soon as I get them.  I will be saving a few next time.  Maybe we can start with the /m/ sound and add another sound for searching as well. 

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