Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Mother Goose Time

This months theme is called "Inventors Lab".  I find myself a little more motivated so far this month.  Maybe it's because the first few days of August were actually a bit rainy, or maybe because I think this theme is a little more up my boys alley than the art theme from last month.  But either way, we have done every day so far.  Not necessarily completely, but most of each day. 

So far on Day 1 we built our Tote-Along Toolboxes.  These were a big hit.  They are little tool boxes made out of half of an egg carton. 

Lachlan was using his invention we made in Sorting Inventor Supplies to color his tools.  I got out a selection of things some yellow some not.  We sorted into a pile of yellow and a pile of all other colors.  Then I asked Lachlan if he could make an invention out of these yellow items.  First he wanted to tape the yellow stamp to the end of the yellow pen, then the car and magnet to the pen for a little handle.  It was awesome that he got to use his invention and we had fun nailing down the color yellow and all it's shades. 

Here is the open tool box which they decided they wanted to put the markers in as well.  On the top there is a handle we taped on.  So it really does look like a little toolbox. 

While we were at the counter I wrote Lucy and Peter's name on their name tag but I had Lachlan do his own.  I took the yellow marker and wrote his name first.  Then I gave him the blue, darker, pen to write over mine.  Another yellow lesson I just had to throw in there.  He did so good!

On this day they also provided a sheet of money and inventions with dollar amounts listed.  We had our ten dollars in a box and I had all the inventions in a stack.  The boys got to each pick an invention they wanted to buy, then pay the correct dollar amount.  The dollar amounts were actually listed correctly.  For instance $5.00 not just the number 5.  So I blocked out the zeros to focus in on that number and show him the price.  But it was great for him to see what a price actually looks like.  Then he would count out those dollars.  I had to help Peter a bit more of course but it was great counting practice. 

On both day 1 and 2 we spent some time with the Look and Find poster.  On day 1 we looked for inventions but didn't use the magnify glasses until day 2.  I let each child have a turn with the magnify glasses and poster.  There is a picture on the magnify glasses for them to find in the poster.  Then on the back were facts about that invention.  Like who invented it and what it does. 

This is how we started our day on day 2, still in our jammies of course.

There have been open ended questions to start each day.  Day 2 I asked If you had a toolbox, what would you put in it?  Lachlan exclaimed, "tools!"  What kind? "saws, screw drivers, crayons and hammers."  I had this discussion with them all at the breakfast table.  I read the fun facts they had today about toolboxes as well.  It was a nice way to start our day. 

Day 3's Question of the Day is, what objects are sticky?  "Magnets" was Lachlan's first reply.  You know, he is right, they do stick to things.  I kept asking, "tape" he said.  Now he was getting the idea.  We actually went straight from this to making our own Sticky Designs.  I got out parchment paper, because we don't have wax paper, and put a big glob of Elmer's glue on the paper.  Then I gave them the provided sequins to stick in the glue.  I do hope it works out okay.  Had to really let them dry for a long time, we shall see if they come up off the paper. 

I think we have too many sequence to glue in our ratio but it was fun and sticky none the less.

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