Thursday, September 12, 2013

Experience God - Promise of Freedom

As mentioned on yesterdays post, on Day 3 we were able to fit in an Experience God lesson.  I took a close up picture of the page, you can see that below.
Ooh, talking about temptation.  I completed this lesson at the table during lunch.  It was a great topic of conversation.  First asking what they think is a temptation.  They really weren't sure.  So I explained just as it is written in the lesson book above. 

Then I got up and did something so cruel.  I got two gummy bears for each child and set them in a little dish right in front of them.  Next I told them they couldn't touch them until I told them they could.  Hey, Mother Goose Time told me to do it!
He is pointing but not touching. 

I told them they could eat the gummy bears but only after they eat their lunch and I say it's okay.  Then in the lesson it instructs for us to walk away.  To leave them there with the candy for a short time.  So I left and went to the kitchen, didn't look that direction and rinsed out a wash clothe to bring back over to the table.  There they stay, with gummy bears in front of them and not one of them went for them. 

I came back and told them I was proud of them for not taking the gummy bears.  I asked them how it felt to have them sitting there.  I brought up other scenarios that might come up when I or someone else tells them not to do something or to wait even though they really want to do it.  Lachlan started telling me some other scenarios about Grandpa telling him to wait to fish until he was ready for him.  He was getting it. 

At the end I read the Explain strip which was actually a verse today.  God promises to give us strength to stand against all temptations. 1 Corinthians 10:13 

When they were all done eating, they each got to eat their gummy bears.  I bet they were a little sweeter.

We talked about all of this later that evening when Jeff came home.  Lachlan told him the same scenario he told me when we were at the table.  I love that these lessons stand out to them and really make them think.

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