Monday, September 23, 2013

More Writing & Happy Circles

Every month I order the More Math and More Writing Books for Lachlan.  They have one page that correlates with each day.  However, I haven't gotten really good at getting them out each day.  Mostly it is because Lachlan doesn't really enjoy the sitting down and working on work books sort of thing.  At least not every day.  When he get's in the mood, then I pull them out and we usually do quite a few pages at once.  It actually turns into a fun review as we work on pages from previous days. 

Now that Lachlan really enjoys writing with highlighters it is a little easier to convince him.  Especially when I ask "what color do you want to write with?"  Rather than "do you want to write?"  I learned this skill working with people living with Alzheimer's.  If you offer a question where the answer can be no, then the answer will most likely be no.  So offer a choice where either answer will work.  This of course, does not work every time, but you have better chances. 

On this day I got out the more writing book and we settled on to the M page.  Lachlan chose an orange highlighter and actually worked through more of the page than he has in the past.  Baby Cody even came to help.
They are really beautiful pages. 

Next we played with the Happy Shapes manipulative.  This was in the day bag for Day 6 What Makes Me Happy?  They used the foam green and yellow circle shapes we got early on in the month. 

It was fun because he chose the yellow circle for the sun and green ones for the apples.  Not only was it working with shapes, but really making him think about the colors as well.

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