Friday, September 27, 2013

My Friends - picture review

Week 3 of Mother Goose Time this month is all about My Friends.  We have covered: making friends, school friends, neighbors, Pen Pals, and on today's agenda, keeping friends.  I am not going to go over each day individually but instead just pull the pictures from the week and tell a picture story.
These were the craft on the first day of this week.  They are friends holding hands.  One friend had a skirt and one a pair of shorts.  They got to color them and then put them together.  I showed Lachlan how a brad worked for the first time.  He thought it was pretty cool.
These are called Story Sequence Cards.  This is the second one I have ran across so far in MGT.  I really like them.  It's so simple, they come all on one card you cut apart.  Mix up the pictures and then let the kids analyze what's happening in the photo and what order they should go in.  Lachlan helped me with this and set it out on the stool.  Peter, wearing his helmet, came by to admire his work and "read" the story.

This apple lacing card came on the day we were talking about school friends.  They tied in the apple and the letter A to this day.  Peter sat down and really enjoyed his work.

The next day we continued to tie in the letter A to the Neighbors theme of the day.  We talked about neighbors and the neighborhood.  What animals live in our neighborhood?  Ants of course.  So we wrote a big letter A in our My Little Journals and turned it into an ant hill.
 These are the Hands On letters and the letter cards they give us each month.
 I had them sit down on the floor.  Find the letter A page in their journal, pick which color highlighter they wanted to write with and set out the Hands On letter A next to them to look at. 
Lachlan wrote his big letter A for an ant hill and then got to work drawing his ants.  They were very large ants, but I love watching him think through what to draw to make it look like what ever it is he is trying to draw. 

The finished ant hill and ant.

We had some down time when Cody was sleeping, I wanted to get the kids onto something other than a show.  So I got hem up to the counter and table and gave them each a task.
 Peter has really been interested in writing lately.  He picked out the green highlighter and I gave him the More Writing book from a couple months ago that Lachlan and I didn't complete.  He really did well focusing and tracing the letters.
Grant was at the counter coloring.  He really concentrates on coloring.  He pushes really hard on the crayons too.  Which is new for me, my kids barely press on anything they write with, so it's been a bit tricky to see their markings.  Lachlan is great at cutting so I put him to work cutting up the money we were going to use a little later today.
Next we set up shop for a yard sale.  Another thing you might find in a neighborhood.  Lachlan ran the sale.  He turned the sign to close and Peter had to wait until he turned it to open.  Then Peter would pick out what he wanted to buy.  Lachlan would turn it over and tell him how much it cost.  He read all the prices perfectly and with out hesitation!  This was great. 
 Peter would then count out the right amount.  He is really good at counting so this was his perfect role. 
At one point Lachlan stopped and started telling me the names of all the letters on the closed sign.  He got all of them correct except he got stuck on E and D at the very end.  This also made me very happy.
Peter would then take his goods back to his "house" aka the ugly orange man chair, and line them up.  Here he is proud of his new stuff.

The next day was titled Pen Pals and was all about mailing and letters.  We made a mail box for our craft and we looked at the map to figure out where we wanted to send a letter and then sat down and wrote one.  When I saw the focus of the lessons today was mail I called Grandpa Neil right away.  He called me a couple weeks ago because he had found 2 die-cast airplanes he wanted to give the boys.  He thought a fun way to give them to the boys would be to mail them.  They do love getting things in the mail.  The only thing is that we have neighborhood mailboxes, so if it comes by US mail it get's put in the mailbox at the corner.  Only UPS and FedEx actually come to our door.  So I gave him another idea.  Why don't you package them up like they are going in the mail but deliver them using the Grandpa Express.  In other words.  Place them at the door and then knock and hide around the corner.   Since we talked and came up with our plan life has just gotten busy.  But when I saw the topic I called him right away to see if he could, by chance, make the delivery today.  He was happy to oblige.

I had them go out to see if they could find the delivery truck.  All they could find was Grandpa.  Hmm, the truck must have gone.

 Thanks Grandpa for making this day about mail even more exciting.
At the end of this day we named and drew fruit on a large piece of paper.  Then they painted them in while pretending to wash the fruit.
The last day of this week has us talking about Keeping Friends.  How to be a good friend.  It also has us tying into the mailing theme from yesterday with the game they provided today.  Such a cute and wonderful game.  There are houses on the game board with colors and numbers on them.  We also have matching envelopes for each house in a stack at the side of the board.  They flip it over and deliver it to the right house.  Lachlan went first and got a couple mixed up, I took them off and he tried again.  Then Lucy went, she also did pretty well with just a couple mixed up.  They were supposed to play together and take turns, and we were to talk about how taking turns is a good way to be a good friend.  However, the mood that everyone was in at the time, playing on their own just seemed to be a better plan.

So last to go was Peter.  He got started and I walked away working on something else.  I came back to check his work.  He got every single one right!  Never underestimate Peter, that's for sure.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into just SOME of the things we get to do each week with Mother Goose Time

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