Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pattern Block Animals by

I probably stumbled upon these pattern block animal patterns via Pinterest.  But when I saw them I thought the kids might be more interested in them than the alphabet letters I had at the time.  I love the concept of course of the alphabet letters but since my kids were entirely unfamiliar with pattern blocks I just needed a fun way to introduce them.  I printed them out, gave them to the kids and they took the pieces, laid one or two down and then threw the pieces around the counter and the floor.  Okay, we will just tuck these away and try again another time.

So about a week ago, Riley discovered them under the couch (I store things everywhere, not much storage at my house, besides the kitchen).  She pulled them out and started carefully forming animals with the pattern block pieces.  Soon everyone was intrigued, so I moved the whole gang to the counter.  They set up an animal, there was one fruit pattern one too and then see what someone else was working on and trade.  It was so great to see them in use.

Now that I am looking through PreKinders site there is a lot more there I need to snoop through.  Uh oh!  This could be trouble. 


  1. It's great to see them being used and enjoyed!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karen! We really appreciate all the hard work you put in when designing these. The kids loved them. I can't wait to get them out again.