Friday, October 4, 2013

It's a BOY!

Yes, I am going to be a Mom of 3 boys.  Does it scare me; not at all!  Maybe I am crazy, but it just feels right.  I am pretty sure God made me for these boys.

As soon as we started telling people we were expecting #3, everyone said "I bet you are hoping for a girl."  Honestly, my first reaction was, "well not really."  One of the main reasons why I thought a girl would be nice is because, when she is grown, it is more likely that I will have a tight relationship with a daughter than a son.  (I do not, however, see this as a negative about having a boy, more on that later)  You see I worked at a senior community and it was often the daughters who were visiting and managing the care.  But more than that, I have seen that sons tend to cling to their spouse and their families (as it should be) and they don't call their Moms very often. 

In addition to all that, a girl would be novel, but the idea of that novelty came with a bit of fear.  

So my new goal (that's not really new): To raise good MEN, that will marry good women, and give me some amazing daughter in laws to keep me in the loop and call me.  This of course has been a goal all along, a focus on raising a good man, not just a good boy.   

All of us went to the ultrasound today.  I really wanted Lachlan to see the baby.  I thought Peter might think it to be cool for the first 2 minutes and then be on to something else, which was the case.  But Lachlan was really fascinated the whole time.  He was also concerned.  He didn't like seeing me laying there.  Kept asking what was going to happen to me.  We reassured him several times that nothing was going to happen, we were just taking pictures of the baby with a special camera. 

The Ultra Sound Tech was wonderful.  She has kids and is expecting another 3 days before me.  So that was kind of fun.  She didn't mind them being in there at all.  She would stop and point out things that were clearly body parts for them to see.  At one point Baby Boy was giving us a thumbs up and she took a picture of it and marked it "thumbs up".  I told Lachlan, "see, he is saying thumbs up brother, I can't wait to meet you!"  Lachlan later told me that the baby was saying, "I can't wait to come out, I love you Mommy." 

He asked what the worm was when we were looking at the spine.  So we told him what it was and Jeff ran his fingers down Lachlan's spine to show him where his was.  At one point Lachlan pointed to my belly button and asked if it was the babies.  The Ultra Sound Tech stopped what she was doing in search of the baby's belly button and pointed it out to Lachlan.  You could see the colors of the nutrients moving through the umbilical chord which she pointed out.  I explained to him that is how Mommy feeds the baby so he can grow big.  Seriously a super cool experience. 

Once we found out it was a boy we asked Lachlan what we should name him?  He exuberantly exclaimed "How about Lachlan!"  But we already have a Lachlan.  "Then how about, Jeffrey!"  The ultra sound tech said "Jeffrey, that's a good name."  Then we said, but that's Daddies name.  No Jr.s in this family.  His next recommendation "Colton."  Well we have one of those too.  Then we told him, we want to name him something new, a name no one else in our family has.  Then he really started thinking.  Should be fun to see what he comes up with.

At one point he started telling us about a water squirter the baby had in there.  It was a long story I couldn't quite follow, but had a hard time not laughing as he told it. 

As the time progressed, Peter was even more antsy and had to go potty.  So Jeff took him out.  It was just Lachlan and I.  The Tech asked if Lachlan wanted to take a picture of the baby?  He of course wanted to, so she pulled him up on her lap and helped him hold the ultra sound wand to my tummy.  Then she had him push the button to take a picture and labeled it "Lachlan's Picture".  Such a treasure.  Lachlan had the iPod in his hands because Peter handed it to him when he left.  So when Lachlan hopped up to take the picture, I was able to get a video.  I will have to get it on the computer and add it to this post.  I will get the ultra sound pics scanned too.  But for now, just words!

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