Friday, October 25, 2013

October Day 7 - Wheat

Wow, I am behind on blogging.  We are now on Day 12 and here I am telling you about Day 7.  But we had a lot of fun on Day 7, so here you go.

What do you know about wheat?

One of the first things we did on this day was read the Participation Story.  I actually didn't get started on this part until dinner time.  The Participation Story came with story telling pieces.  I had them all cut out and when we were sitting at the table I read the story with all the pieces laying on the table.  When I got the key words that had coordinating pieces I would pause and have them find the piece and set it out.  As we read the story we were setting out the pieces from left to right.  They all loved it so much I decided to read through it one more time and this time, tape them in order on the back side of the blueprint paper we get from Jeff's work.  They were all getting more antsy, because they were getting tired, so it was a bit more difficult to get through.  But we did it and here is our end result.
I still have it sitting out because I hope to come back to it and see if they can tell retell me the story.

We didn't get to the rest of the lessons for Day 7 until the next calendar day.  Soon after breakfast we got started on the Wheat Bread Art.  It was a picture of a loaf of bread as well as wheat stalks.  They cut off the wheat stalks from the picture and then cut the wheat stalks into little pieces.  Mixed the wheat with the gold glitter by gluing it all on the photo.  Lots of great cutting practice on this one.
Next we played the matching game.  We have gotten so many matching games and different forms of stories, like the participation stories and the Rombus Readers so far this school year.  My kids LOVE both of these things, so of course, so do I.  The matching game was of farm animals and other things on the farm.  We played a couple of rounds.  Peter won the first round!  He is so good at matching games.
We also got directions on how to make butter in a jar.  Put cream in a jar, close the lid and allow the cream to reach room temperature.  Then shake, and shake and shake for 30 minutes.  Drain the thin liquid from the top (buttermilk) and rinse it with cold water until the water is clear.  And voila, butter.  Unfortunately, we didn't have cream in the house, so I have it added to the shopping list and we will give this a try as soon as we can.  This failure is NOT on the part of MGT.  They give us a gathering list to make sure we know what we need for each day plenty in advance.  But, I am not so good at reading it and every day is so different I don't know exactly what calendar day we will actually get to that day of curriculum.  I would like to say I am right on target, but recently I have only had about 3 good days to get a lot of school stuff done.  The other days only allow for bits and pieces here and there. 

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