Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dancing to Community Helpers

I can't write this post with out sharing videos.  I have to say, when I planned on taking video I was going to make sure my house was picked up and the kids were all dressed.  But we were just too excited to give these dances a try, and well they are just too cute not to share.

Dance n' Beats is an awesome DVD and workbook set that I reviewed pretty thoroughly in this post.  At first I wasn't sure if these dances could hold the attention of the children for more than a couple of songs.  It turns out it certainly can.  Every time we turn it on we can't get away with dancing to any less than 5 songs.  Their ultimate favorite dance is I Need a Tissue.
Above is Lachlan and Lucy dancing to I Need a Tissue.  They love the sneeze part, achoo, I need a tissue and they get to pretend to sneeze.  But there are some intricacies to the dance like when they rest their elbow on there hand and shake their pointer finger.  Lachlan figured it out in this video but the few times we had danced this dance before he had trouble getting it right.  It's so fun to watch them coordinate between what they see and what they can make their body do.

Peter became a little distracted but some how was drawn back to the dancing with the Cool Down Song.  Here is Lucy and Peter, cooling down to Dance n' Beats.

The original design of the program was meant to teach a leader the moves and have them lead the class in dancing to the music just on a CD.  So the kids are watching and dancing along with a dance instructor who is standing right in front of them.  I do not, however, have that skill set, and many others are like me so Mother Goose Time was wise enough to make these videos captivating for the children.  If I was not taking a video though, I would be up front standing next to the TV and following along.  I do think it helps for them to see someone in person dancing.  Since I was not able to dance and record the little dancers, you can hear me verbally prompting them.  It really seemed to help.

As Grandma Norma says in this last video, these videos are more fun than the traditional work out videos.  I might just have to dance everyday with the kids, after baby is born.  See if I can lose a little bit of the baby weight that way.

I actually ended up ordering 4 more sets to give away as Christmas presents.  It's just such a great thing for the children and they have so much fun.  Each family that we ordered them for has varying ages of children, but I think all ages will love these.  Especially because I know I do and I am an adult.

It has been getting dark so early now that it's winter.  Since we can't play outside and the kids still have a lot of energy to burn, these videos have been a great, after dark, activity.

These DVDs are well worth the investment, whether to be used in your classroom or in your living room.  They are worth every penny.

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