Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter in the Woods - Snowflake

It feels like it has been so long since I have written.  We have been hit with a few bad bugs around here.  First a flu and then I think the worst cold known to man.  Not to mention some other incredibly stressful moments of life.  The flu bug or stomach bug is never fun but to follow it with this long and horrible cold, ack.  Poor Peter got a cold, the flu and then the other cold.  On Christmas Eve he woke up and was shivering and shaking, pale as a ghost, his lips were turning purple and his fingernails were a nice soft shade of purple as well.  I started packing us up immediately for either an ER trip or doctors appointment.  He has had asthma induced by colds since he was tiny, but had been doing so well.  I gave him his inhaler and color started returning.  But I can tell you, purple is not a color you want to see your child. 

So, all that to say, sorry for my absence.  We had so much fun making these snowflake crafts back on the 18th of December, I still wanted to share.  I know Christmas is over, but making snowflakes is a winter craft, so there is still plenty of time. 

Mother Goose Time provided us with these snowflake cut outs, some blue glitter, water droppers and pretty blue ribbon.  At breakfast I gave each child a snowflake and decided to get out our water color pencils.  I actually purchased the pencils by mistake but have found them to be a lot of fun.  First they colored their snowflake with any color they wanted.  Lachlan wanted to make a "golden" snowflake, Peter chose black and green and Lucy pinks and purples of course. 
 Sorry for the poor quality photos, I had my camera settings all mixed up.

Next we got out a cup of water and our water droppers and dripped water on the snowflakes. 
 Peter's favorite part.
After dripping some water on the snowflake I had them use their fingers to rub the color around and paint with their fingers.

They were pretty damp when we were all done with this step so we set them up on the counter to dry and came back to them to add the glitter at lunch time.
Here are the finished snowflakes, just waiting for the glitter to dry.  I made one too.  Later I added the ribbon and hung them on our Christmas tree.

After our breakfast time of painting snowflakes we had a little fun with a participation story for Baby Bear Loves the Seasons.  The story is about a baby bear and what he does in each season.  Each time the kids hear the word "bear" in the story they are to take a step forward, towards their bear cave.  We had a bear cave set up with a tunnel and blanket in the front bedroom.  So we played this down the hall.  Lachlan was the only one really interested, but the others joined in on the bear going into the cave part.
 Baby Bear
 Baby Bear gobbling up some food.
 Heading into the cave for the winter.

I do hope we are healthy for a while and I can get back to sharing our adventures in learning with you.  

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  1. I look forward to reading your posts each morning before starting my day. So sorry about being sick. Wishing you and your family a happy and HEALTHY 2014.