Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby Animals - which babies are carried on a chest?

On Day 9 we learned about which babies are carried on a chest.  The main animal we focused on was the Manatee.  We made a super cute manatee craft with a paper bag.  I was having a hard time getting the kids focused in on school and they were all in the master bedroom piled on the bed while Lachlan was watching a video on an iPod.  I grabbed all of the needed supplies, pulled back the covers and jumped on the bed with them to get started on the craft.  That is probably why there are no pictures of this event.  My poor master bedroom gets the least amount of attention in my house.  I don't need any documented proof of that.  But it did the trick, and got our day started.

Another animal that carries their young on their chest is the otter.  It just so happened that the Oregon Coast Aquarium had shared a video from another aquarium of a wild sea otter who came up close with her baby on her chest just to show off her special new pup.  I looked up the video and showed it to all the kids.

A new Rebus Reader called Silly Millie Manatee also came in today's day bag.  We read through the story at lunch.  Another favorite activity are the Pattern Guides and Cards.  We got a super cute one with fish, boats and manatees.  Each child took their turn at the counter, working on their pattern powers! (Team Umezoomi is a favorite around here.)

The very last lesson of Day 9 is called Protecting Habitats.  I had the badges sitting out and the next day finally had the discussion with the boys.  First we were to ask them what they like best about their home?  Lachlan said he likes the "tomato plants."  Next Mother Goose Time had us ask them what sort of things made them feel safe in their home.  Lachlan said "the locked doors."  Good questions to ask your little ones, right?  I love hearing about their thoughts, but often forget to ask the question.  Too busy with day to day most of the time.  So glad MGT has us take a moment to ask. 

Then I explained that animals cannot survive without our help to protect their homes.  Lachlan immediately brought up the guinea pigs and how we take care of their homes.  I continued the conversation by saying we have to keep wild animals homes clean too by not dumping garbage or putting yucky things in their water.  I put a little tape on the back of the badge and stuck it on each of their shirts.  They were both busy playing with new play-doh toys they had gotten for their birthday.  But it was a perfect time for a discussion like this.

This was like the 5th time I asked him to stop and smile because my camera settings were off.  You can tell he is like, enough already Mom.


  1. I laughed when I saw this as your post today, because it was the exact same one I was writing about..even funnier, I have pictures for the first two activities and you posted the last two! :) The video is awesome!

  2. So funny. Between the two of us we covered the whole day!