Thursday, February 13, 2014

Peter's 3rd Birthday

We have had a fun day so far celebrating Peter's 3 years of life.  I taped streamers on the door for him to walk through when he came out in the morning.  He requested a hot dog and otter pop for breakfast.
 Breaking it up with his teeth before sliding it out the top.  Don't worry, not trying to eat it through the plastic.
 We had to wait for him to finish his otter pop before he would open his presents.  He is really not one to be in a hurry about present opening.  Lachlan was quite anxious because he had helped me wrap it the day before and was excited to play with it.
 It was too heavy for Peter to get it out of the bag.  So big brother came to help.
 Yesterday at the table I asked Peter what he gets to do now that he is 3?  He said "play baseball."  It was months ago now that Lachlan was trying out baseball with the Y's micro sports program.  Peter, really wanted to play, but was not quite old enough.  We told him when he turns 3 he can play and he did not forget.  A little while later, I asked Lachlan what he wanted to get Peter.  He whispered to me that he wanted to get him a baseball glove.  So Dad picked one up on the way home from work that day.
 Lachlan is very excited to give it to him.
 He's showing him how it works.
 Thanks brother.  This one melts my heart.
 Next we got the Design & Drill out.  We are going to have a lot of fun with this one. 
 After playing for a little while, Peter needed another snack.  So he ate saltine crackers out of his new baseball glove.

Then Grandma D and Grandpa Neil came by for a quick visit and brought some yummy sausage sandwiches for official breakfast.  They brought their Valentine's for them to open as well and got in some good play time.
 This afternoon, we finally got out with our new gloves for some catch.
 Check out that form.
 It's easier to catch with one eye closed, apparently.

 Pitching position?
Probably not the last time I will be watching 2 or more boys playing catch in our backyard.  All was good, until the ball went over the fence.  I got out the back up ball, which went under the deck.  Game over for now.  

This evening we are eating pizza and cake with the Grandparents (all 4) and then heading out the bouncy house place in Dallas where a few of Peter's fellow 3 year old buddies will be joining us.  I think it will be a great way to end the day.

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  1. Awe happy birthday peter! Linda like a perfect day for a newly minted three year old! I want to play with the design and drill, that's been on my list forever!