Monday, March 10, 2014

Adam Pride, born March 7, 2014

Adam is here.  He was born March 7, 2014 at 1:21pm.  He weighed 9lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long.  

Mary Fast captured his birth with beautiful images such as this one. She got there just in time, since the speed of his delivery shocked us all!

His name, is the name of my Great Grandfather Adam Scholl.  He and his wife Bobbette came from Germany to raise my Grandmother Marge here in the states, specifically Chicago.  I think I met him when I was a baby, or I should say, he met me.  I mostly have faint memories of my Great Grandmother Bobbette.  I have heard that Adam was a great man, a good and kind man.  I love naming our son after the Scholl line of which my Grandmother descends from.  Grandma Marge, now named GG (Great Grandma) by her 7 great grandchildren, is an amazing women.  She is strong, she is wise, she is loving, active, smart.  

The name Pride is the name of my technically, second cousin.  We have always called him Uncle Pride.  Uncle Pride I have known for many years now and have created some fond and some not so fond memories of our time together.  He lives in Minnesota so the memories are mostly from our visits there and his visits here.  Pride is a large man, tall, very tall, I think 6'3" and a large stature.  When we were young and visiting in Minnesota we were out on one of their many lakes fishing.  We were, in a small metal boat when Pride decided to rock the boat, literally.  I mostly remember fearing for my life.  

He and my Dad and Uncle Dale were all very close as kids growing up and caused lots of trouble.  The stories they shared about these adventures are a distinct part of my childhood.  Pride has a funny sense of humor and he and I have always gotten along well in that regard.  Giving him a hard time is what I enjoy the most and he loves to dish it out in return.  

Adam also means, original or original man, since Adam was the first man, created by God.  I really love the idea of Adam's name meaning original, since he is the 3rd in a line of 3 Swanborough boys.  He is not part of a set, but his own little person.  One I can not wait, to get to know. 

I was induced into labor on Friday morning.  The pitocin started at 10am and he arrived just 3 hours and 21 minutes later.  The epideral man arrived at about noon, and the nurses came an hour later to do a catheter.  As they were getting about their business they noticed some major changes since the last time I was checked.  They asked me if I was feeling pressure or an urge to push and just then a contraction hit and with that contraction I was definitely feeling the pressure.  "Yes, I kind of think I do."  My midwife was in the building next door seeing a few patients.  So the nurses did a quick exam and I hear one tell the other, "she's complete."  What?!?! was my response, you mean, I am ready to push?   "Yes, but lay on your side and try not to push, Kitty (the midwife) is on her way."  

As I was laying there and trying not to push, he was feeling more and more like he was going to come whether I pushed or not.  Kitty got there, they were all scrambling to get the bed ready and scrubs on and all of that.  Again a contraction hit, and they were just about ready for me, so as the nurses were still scrambling Kitty gave me the go ahead to push.  I push, "oh there's his hair."  What?!?! is this really happening, he is really coming?  I think that was my response.  Take a breath and push again.  There's his head.  There were about 3 contractions total and I pushed maybe 5 times.  First couple were to get his head down, 2nd set got his head out and the last one got his body out.  Maybe 1 minute or 2 of pushing as compared to an hour with my first 2 babies. My sister Angela got to cut the cord.  Jeff has always passed on that event, not a big fan.

The experience after he was born was amazing.  The Salem Health Birthing center has changed some things, or maybe the change comes with the midwives.  Either way, I was able to hold Adam on my chest for an hour feeling no pressure from anyone for him to leave my skin.  He nursed for 25 minutes and we stared and admired each other.  When they did take him to weigh him, he was weighed right on the warm incubator on a nice soft blanket, no hard plastic scale thing.  He was quickly given back to me.  They asked me first if I wanted him naked or swaddled.  I chose naked so we could continue our skin time.  He nursed again for another 20+ minutes before they asked about putting the medicine in his eyes and give him the vitamin K shot.  They asked if I wanted them to take him or if I wanted to hold him, I wanted to hold him of course.  

Lachlan was whisked away from me right away because he had the umbilical cord around his neck and was quite pale.  He also had merconium in the amniotic fluid.  But they quickly returned him to me as he bounced back fast.  Peter went right to my chest but I had a team of people waiting to do what they needed to do to him and I felt rushed.  So after about 30 minutes on my chest I handed him off, just so they could do there thing and I could have him back for good.  

Right before delivery we talked to Kitty about Peter having croup and a staph infection.  She did not think it would be a good idea for him to come to the hospital at all.  This of course devastated me as I had visions of them coming to see their brother that night.  But they were having a lot of fun with Grandpa, building all sorts of contraptions.  Since they weren't bothered, I tried to let it go and enjoy my time with Adam.  Soon after moving to the recovery floor and settling in to our room, I realized we would most likely go home the next day.  Peter would have oral antibiotics in his system for a good 48 hours, which is what was recommended before he come into contact with baby Adam. 

We were all ready to head home and waiting on discharge from the pediatrician, when we realized Adam hadn't peed yet.  I knew he hadn't but the nurse thought she had seen a note that the nurse doing the hearing test had changed a wet diaper.  When she checked a second time, she couldn't find it.  So the pediatrician requested a Ubag which is a little bag that sticks on their skin over their little penis.  As she was prepping to put it on his penis was showing signs of getting ready to pee.  If you have boys, you know the signs.  But he didn't go.  The bag was put on and Adam went back to nursing.  As I was holding his bum I felt it get warm, just seconds later.  Yay! He peed and we get to go home.  You get to meet your brothers.

Lachlan was so excited to meet the baby.  I asked him if he knew his name?  He said "Calem?"  That's his new cousins name.  No, it's not baby Calem, his name is Adam, baby Adam.  It worked out that Adam slept the whole way home and was stirring when we got home.  He was awake and content for the perfect window of opportunity for both of his brothers to hold him.

Later that night Lachlan is playing quietly with his new big brother present, a monster truck. When he giggles joyous little giggles and says to himself "I can't believe my baby is finally here, he's here."  He wasn't saying that for anyone to hear, it just came straight from his heart.  
Photo: He kisses him on his head and whispers I love you.
Lachlan asked about every 5 minutes for the rest of that day and the next to hold Adam.  But Adam wasn't very settled.  He wanted to nurse continuously so it was hard to find a time where Adam wouldn't just start crying if I put him down.  Finally, Adam was awake and happy and Lachlan got to hold him again.  Lachlan kisses him on his head and whispers "I love you".  Needless to say, Lachlan is a big fan.  

Peter says "ahhh, he is so cute." Admires him for 30 seconds or so and then takes off.  So far, he doesn't seem bothered by Moms lap being taken by a new child.  He is getting to be a "big boy" so fast.  It's been only one week since he decided to move to the big boy room and sleep away from Mommy.  It was all his choice, which makes this transition so much easier.  It's amazing how holding a newborn in your arms makes your 3 year old baby, seem so much more grown up.  

On the second day at the hospital the photographer that is on staff there came in to take his picture.  We were getting him dressed when I realized I should probably get out my camera.  So here are a few more photos to tell a few more parts of his story. 

Jeff had a lady at work make this card.  It's a little paper box and when you take the lid off the two sides drop down.  Inside the crib are pennies.  1 with the year Jeff was born, the year I was born, the year we met, the year we married, Lachlan's birth year, Peter's birth year and the last one, is the year Adam was born.  He was going to make a charm bracelet or something like that out of it.  We might just frame them all.  But he has been looking for and collecting the years for months now and struggling the most with finding a 2014.  When he got in the van the morning we were going to the hospital, there sitting in the tray was a brand new shiny 2014 penny. 
Mommy hogged baby Adam quite a bit.  Finally Daddy got some time with his new son.
In Daddy's arms.

Welcome to the world little Adam Pride.  We love you and have loved you from the moment we knew you were on your way.  It's so nice to finally meet.


  1. Lovely. So glad you got to relax with him after birth! Those moments are prescious!

  2. Congratulations to your whole family on the new baby's arrival. May this time be filled with love, joy, and lots of cuddles!

  3. He's beautiful and seeing your boys all together is so precious! Loved reading your birth story- I'm glad you got to have so much skin to skin time. Love you guys hope to meet your sweet Adam soon.