Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30th - My Boys

We should be at church.  However, Lachlan and I both have colds and we didn't think it would be nice to share with our church friends.  We also just needed time together as a family.  Jeff had to work Saturday morning.

Early this morning I laid Adam down in his swing.  Lachlan said to me, "Mom, you are a good Mom to babies."  He continued by listing the reasons why he thought I am a good Mom.  "You uh let them live in your belly and uh . . . you let them swing, and uh . . ."  He was trying to think of more but got distracted and moved on to the next topic.  Nonetheless, I thought it was pretty darn adorable.  I told him, "that's just what Moms do."

A little later in the morning I needed to go do something and I asked Jeff to hold Adam, but Lachlan quickly volunteered, "I will hold the baby for you."  So I set him up in Daddy's ugly chair with the Boppy pillow.  Adam was quite content for a long while.  Peter curled up on the arm of the chair to be a part of the Adam holding.  I had to capture the moment of course.

Lachlan was looking around at other things when Adam looked right at him and smiled.  I pointed out to Lachlan that Adam was smiling at him.  That's when Lachlan and Peter both turned to look and I got this photo.  Adam has a more concerned/inquisitive look on his face (can't blame him), but he was smiling seconds before.  Still a beautiful photo, with Ninja Turtles and all.


  1. So so precious! And Lachlan telling you why you're such a good Momma...awe!