Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Peter's 1 to 2 Photo Book

I started a tradition when Lachlan was born of making photo books of each year of their life.  Two actually, for the first year, since they change so much, then 1 per year there after.  It's a great tradition, but I am nervous about keeping up. 

I have a file on my computer for each year of their life.  So right now I have one called Lachlan 4 to 5 and Peter 2 to 3.  I used to copy my favorite photos each time I uploaded photos and paste them into this file.  Now that I am taking pictures almost daily for this blog and using a different editing program, I haven't kept up.  I am still working on getting finished up with those files before I start their new ones now that they are 5 and 3.

Once I finish the file, I upload it to Shutterfly and get started on my book.  It takes a while because I am kind of picky.  But I think I need to start worrying more about just getting the photos on the page.  

I just ordered Peter's book from 1 to 2 and here it is.  

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

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