Saturday, July 26, 2014

Adam's First Taste of Food

I had an over ripe banana that was super soft and Adam being over 4 months old now, he can start trying food.  I guess things have changed since Lachlan was a baby and new research shows that introducing high allergy foods earlier is better and decreases the chances of food allergies down the road.  You don't have to start with baby rice cereal either, you can give them a multivitamin drop for the added iron they may need.

So I decided to put the banana in one of those food net things and let Adam chew on it a bit.

He really thought it was cool and didn't make any yucky faces.  Just a lot of drool and mess.
 Did I mention big brother Lachlan got be a part of the fun.

And these 2 are my favorite faces.   Look at all that slime and yumminess. 
 Num, num, num.
 I'm holding it all by myself.  These hands are really useful now that they work.

I still don't think he quite understands what these hands are doing and just has to study them for a bit.
He also really focuses when he is trying to get them to grab something.  Although he is quickly getting more efficient with his fine motor skills.  Every day he seems to be able to reach out and grab something with less effort.

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