Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's Be Superheroes - Invisibility

This was a fun day of lessons.  Again the lessons were all spread out, but each one was a blast.

First, we did the Invisible Ink Art Mother Goose Time gave us white crayons and white paper.  First we drew on the paper with our white crayons then we painted over with water color.  I tried to write a shape or secret message on each of their papers.  In case you haven't done this before, when you paint over it, the paint does not stick to the white crayon and the message appears.
I had a few little visitors on this day.  When they got home, that's all they could talk about.  Mom can we do the invisible letters. 

Next we talked about Invisible Body Parts.  What is in our body, under our skin?  Bones!  How can we see our bones? x-ray.  They both knew the answers to these questions.  I didn't have black paper so I got out brown and the white crayon that came in the day bag. 
 Peter and I drew our bones.  Lachlan was busy with is legos.
Peter wanted me to draw his head bone. 
 Then he needed to put the little circles inside the eye.
 And finally color the whole thing white.

We started talking about the next lesson Finding the Invisible.  I said, how can we find something if you can't see it?  They were stumped, "I don't know."  So we talked about using our hands to feel and our ears to hear. 
 Peter promptly closed his eyes and started using his hands to feel and make sound.
We were supposed to put out a metal pot and give each child a spoon.  Sit them in a circle and have them start crawling on their hands and knees using their spoon to find the pot. 

We ended up taking turns hiding the pot around the house and the other would search for the pot using the spoon.  Tapping the spoon on things along the way.  Each thing would make a different sound and tapping on the pot was very distinct.  I blind folded my boys because they aren't so great at keeping their eyes closed and I really wanted them to experience what it is like to use their other sense. 

Since we tried this the boys have asked to do it again and again.  The last time I just picked a cow toy and had them hide it for each other and use their hands to feel.  The spoon against the pot was pretty loud and baby was sleeping.  They would hide it and then use their voice to say "over hear, over hear" or "this way".  Guiding each other to the hidden object. 

Simple and fun!

Since this was day 6, we also worked in our My Little Journal, page 6.  First they both wrote a big number 6 on the page.  Then they used that same color to draw 4 circles.  MGT had us ask them how many more circles they needed to draw to make 6.  They drew these new circles or dots in a different color.  Lachlan just started drawing and we counted as he added.  He didn't know the answer off the top of his head.  But that's okay, this is how we learn.
 This is Peter's page.  The big orange circle is from a previous day.  He had the markers out and was flipping through the pages.  But you can see the 6 he wrote in blue in the upper right hand corner.  He also loves to fill in the circles. 
Lachlan's dots were not so much a circle as a scribble, but it got the job done.  He drew the big circle part of the 6 first and then the faint little line.  I was able to show him how to draw the 6 starting at the top then coming down and looping around.  I did the first two on the line their and he did the third. 

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