Sunday, August 3, 2014

Let's Go Camping - Backpack

It's August 3rd and I am blogging about the school day we completed August 1st.  This is exciting to me.  Maybe life will be getting back to normal.

This month is all about camping.  On our first day we learned about and made backpacks. 

I started with Peter making the Handy Backpack Art.  We took paper bags, made faces, hair and hands for them. 
 Eventually Lachlan joined in.  He is tracing his hands here to use as the hands on the backpack and Peter is fringe cutting the top of the bag for hair.
 Sticking some eyes on.
 Peter's complete backpack.  He thought it was awesome.
 Lachlan got quite upset after he drew a face on his first draft backpack, so we started over again.  The second time he got it "right" and drew a tongue sticking out.  He had to pose that way too.

Next we got out our Theme Poster to hunt for supplies.  

 First Lachlan had to look for the campfire and then follow the directions on the back.

 Peter got to do this one and he got another one that had him search for and name all the animals on the poster.
 Next we moved on to work in our My Little Journal.  This months journal has all the letters of the alphabet.  We actually worked on the B page, B for backpack.

 I love this picture of Peter.  They both have discovered the pencil eraser. 
 They have BOTH been writing their name on their own with out looking at it, but just remembering the letters. 
 Not perfect, but each time is better than the time before.  Practice makes perfect.
 Peter is working on the B page.  Tracing the letter B.  Next we cut out these awesome alphabet cards and taped the B card to the B page.  I think we might be doing this a lot this month.  I have a sneaking suspicion. 

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