Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lachlan's first soccer practice

Lachlan loved soccer.  Let me tell you a little bit about how it went.  I don't know about the first half because we came late (Peter was sleeping).  But when I arrived they were playing a little scrimmage game.  3 against 4.  Lachlan was on the team with 4 and the coaches son, who had some mad skills. 

At some point, I am guessing he was told to keep the ball away from the other players.  Lachlan's safety inspector side was out in full force and he was being very cautious.  He ran around behind the rest of the pack chasing the ball.  The whole time, all Lachlan did, was tell the other kids not to let anyone get the ball.  Over and over again he would explain to them, don't let anyone get the ball with different versions of hand motions to go along with his statement.  Sometimes he would come up to the other team mates and sort of whisper it to them and other times he would yell it for his whole team to hear. 

At one point the ball was right by him with no one else around, he waved over the girl player on the team and had her kick the ball and again explained to her, that she should not let anyone get the ball.  He was also one of the only kids picking up and playing catch with the soccer ball.  We had to explain to him that he can't use his hands.  As you can imagine, it was quite the site to see. 

Did I mention that kindergarten league soccer doesn't have goalies. Yeah, that's right, it's enough of a challenge just getting the ball to the goal that goalies are not necessary. I love this.

Not sure if soccer will be the sport for him, he might be more of an individual sport kind of guy, or maybe music, we shall see.  But the most important part of course, is his enjoyment and he had a blast!   

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