Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Amazing Body - Scrapbook

Mother Goose Time has added a new feature this year called a My Mother Goose Time Scrapbook.  I was super excited about this new addition and started to wonder, well where are the things we are supposed to put in the scrapbook?  I thought maybe we would work on it periodically through out the month. 

I was searching through MGT's Facebook page and found someone else who asked the same question I was wondering.  Another MGT subscriber gave us the answer.  It was all part of day 20, the last day of the month. 

We have done really well at keeping on track for school.  But somewhere along the lines we got one day behind.  So I skipped a day in the last week in order to get us to day 20, today, the last day of the month. 

Today we learned about how to eat healthy and did some awesome games about healthy food versus unhealthy food.

I played some MGT music and when I said the name of an unhealthy food they had to dance slow, because they didn't have the energy to dance fast. 
 When I named a healthy food, they had to dance fast, because healthy food gives you energy. 
You can tell the difference between fast dancing and slow because my shutter speed remained the same.  Their hands and arms aren't too blurry in the slow dancing picture but they sure are a blur in the fast dancing picture.  I wasn't sure when I was taking the pictures if we would really be able to tell the difference.  So I think it's kind of fun that we can. 

But mostly, today, I am just going to show you our time with our My Mother Goose Time Scrapbook.

In today's day bag we got a card stock paper with the 6 photos from our letter cards this month, 2 photos for each letter we learned.  There was also the words boy or girl to choose from.  I was actually debating about whether or not to cut out these pieces myself or let them do it.  I kind of thought I wanted the scrapbook to be neat and tidy.  Then it dawned on me, the scrapbook is intended to be a reflection of their knowledge and skills, so they needed to be the ones to do the work.  I bet their cutting skills will even get better through the year. 
 Peter gluing his I am a boy paper down. 
Next across the top there are the 3 letters we learned this month, A, B, and H.  They had to choose an A picture to put in the square above the A.  I sounded out the pictures with Peter and Lachlan in our search for an A photo. 
 Peter chose the Apple and Lachlan chose the Ant. 
 We kept working through all the letters in this same way. 
For a review of the number 1 they gave us this card with a blank area in the middle and instructed us to have them place their fingerprint on it.  I talked to the boys about how there is only 1 person in the world like them, that no one else has the same fingerprint. 
Next there was a frame, blank in the middle for them to draw a self portrait.  Lachlan drew a picture of himself on the beach and Peter drew a picture of himself at school. 
Circle is the shape we learned about this month.  MGT put a white circle on the scrapbook page for September and asked them to color it their favorite color. 

In the center of the page it asks them what their favorite healthy snack is.  Lachlan said apples, news to me!  But hey it was a healthy food. 
Peter, hard at work coloring in his circle.  His favorite color is green, so that's what he colored his circle.  When he was working on coloring his circle, I was instructing Lachlan to color the bird brown.  Peter chose to color his bird green instead, so I outlined it in brown. 
Here are their finished pages.  I kind of figure we can look back at our scrapbook, for not only a walk down memory lane, but as a great way to review our letters, numbers and shapes. 

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