Monday, September 22, 2014

My Amazing Body - Shirt

Day 11 is all about shirts.  Seems like a fairly simple subject, but we had fun with it.  The first question was simple, what kind of shirt are you wearing? Lachlan was wearing a monster truck shirt and Peter was wearing a football shirt.

This day went pretty much according to plan, we worked through the story cards at breakfast, decorated our paper shirts for art, threw buttons at Daddy's shirt and sorted through a pile of shirts organizing by shirts with buttons and shirts with out.
I also had him sort by long sleeve and short sleeve.  We had talked about the difference between the two at breakfast.  Since it's turning to fall and the weather will be changing, we will start dressing different and I thought it might be nice for them to understand why.

But one of the biggest lessons of the day was actually an adaptation of a lesson from a previous day.  Lachlan is officially in Kindergarten this year and we are still using Mother Goose Time.  Mother Goose Time is a preschool curriculum but their stuff can easily carry you through.  Even their Developmental Continuum of Skills helps you asses all the way out to primary school. So we use MGT and add on here and there to challenge him.  So far I have added a bit more reading using the Bob books.

I was laying in bed the night we used the new Math Story Cards and I was trying to think of how I could expand that.  I kept on thinking, Lachlan can do math, but he doesn't know what a math problem even looks like.  So I decided I would read through these story cards with him and as we worked them out I would write out how the correlating math problem would look. 
So the first math problem in the upper left corner is the first story card written out.  Bobby had 1 button on his pants.  Then it fell off, how many buttons does Bobby have left?  1 - 1 = 0. 

Next I told Lachlan he had 2 buttons on his shirt and 1 fell off, how many does he have now?  2 - 1 = 1.  As we were working I interchangeably used the vocabulary take away and minus and add and plus. 

Then he had 2 sitting on his desk and I said, oh there are two more on the floor.  Add those 2 to your 2.  2 +2=4.  I let Lachlan make up his own math problems from there and I wrote them out as he went. 

It was the first time he really saw what math looked like. 

After Lachlan was done, Peter wanted a turn. 

Peter really wants to write his name.  His brother just got his library card because he went in and wrote his name.  So Peter wants to get his now.  He was actually writing it really well and almost perfectly.  But as he keeps practicing he seems to be getting it more mixed up.  He writes it backwards and mirrored.  I am not sure what is going on there.  I remember Lachlan doing it too as he learned.  So I know it's somewhat normal, I just feel so bad he is regressing.  It makes him SO upset. 
 I just had him trace his name here.  Try to get him back on track.
 As he practices his name he ofter writes the first 4 letters and leaves off the R.  So I told him one day, that doesn't say Peter that says Pete.  He thought that was funny. So as he was writing he would stop and ask me what it says.  Here he marked one little part of his R and said what does it say with all these letters and one little mark on the R.  Funny boy.  It still says Pete. 
Finally finishing his R. 

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