Monday, November 24, 2014

Lachlan's Night of Drawing

We had a busy, busy Sunday.  Church, home for 30 minutes, Birthday party, AWANAs and then finally home again for good.  For some reason Lachlan decided to sit down and draw and he was at it for an hour and a half or more.

He has never been much into drawing, but Daddy brought home this pad of design paper and he loves it.  He likes designing things.

Here are all of his creations.
 This is a detailed drawing of our backyard.  The brown at the top of the page is the fence and then we have two mounds with Lilac bushes planted on them.  The blue, I assume, is our blue house. 
Our Earth
A skyscraper with a street and car driving by.
He said these people we stuck.  I didn't quite get this one.
A Turkey pooping 7 times.  He wrote his 7 backwards, but you can see at the top he labeled it and everything.
A guinea pig and his baby.  I think the ones at the top are mice.
He drew this one for me.  I asked for a blue frog.  So I got a blue frog catching a fly with his tongue.
A fox
A parrot
This is a birds eye view layout of my room and his room.
A sloth in a tree.
First he drew just a chick in a circle, then he colored it in and drew the crack on it for an egg cracking.  Lastly the part at the top is the Mom Chicken sitting on the egg.
Not sure about this one.  I will have to ask him and let you know.

 This is such great writing practice and it makes me so happy to see him focus on something and not get frustrated but just have fun.  That's sometimes hard for him.  Love you Lachlan, you are a gem.

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