Monday, December 1, 2014

Mother Goose Time Sample Kit - Seeds

Mother Goose Time sent the Blog Ambassador team their Sample Kit and asked us to give it a try.  The boys and I worked through it today and had so much fun.  The sample kit is a great synopsis of the awesomeness of Mother Goose Time.  They provided some of our favorite tools in this one little package.  
Here it is, all set out on the counter. The calendar, craft, a folder game, a storytelling set, hands-on letters, and a counting beans sheet. 
Counting Beans Sheet
Bird Craft
Storytelling Set
Folder Game
Hands-On Letters
We start our day at the breakfast table.  Opening Circle began by asking the discussion question, what do you think a seed needs to grow? My boys did awesome.  They listed dirt, seeds, water, and sun.

Next we got out our calendar and since today is December 1st, it made it real easy, we only had one day to stick on.  Since that part was easy, I told Peter that today was Monday and we sang the days of the week song while I pointed to the days listed across the top.  We sang it again until he found the first Monday and then he stuck day 1 on.
 Next we worked on the Opening Rhyme with the garden photos.  

Deep under ground,
Is a seed small and round.
What will it be? 1-2-3
Lachlan, tell me what you see. 

We played this at the table, although it was meant to be played standing up and walking around the photos as you say the rhyme. When I got done with the rhyme Lachlan picked up a picture.  He just happened to pick the eggplant, he had no clue what it was.  
Yesterday, my husband made me a beautiful dinner with a spinach salad on the side.  Lachlan said "What! You have to eat plants?"  Haha, it was so funny.  I guess we aren't that good at eating a variety of vegetables around here.

At this point the boys went off to play, they needed a break and I needed to spend some time cutting apart the storytelling pieces and the game pieces for the folder game.  As they played I set up stations around the house.
Ready to go.
I asked Lachlan how many seeds he thought would be in the apple.  He guessed 3 and I asked him to write it down in the book.  Then we cut open the apple and counted.  We counted 6 seeds which I also had him write down.

Next we took turns putting together our bird container.
 Then we took turns filling it up with dirt.

 While Adam chewed on an apple slice.
 Added the grass seeds.
 Covered the seeds with a thin layer of dirt.
 A little water.
 And we found it a nice little place in the window.
 Next we moved over to the little table in the living room for the Folder Game, Colors in the Garden
 Similar to Candyland as you move according to color.  But slightly healthier.
 For the last two lessons, Jack and the Beanstalk and Counting Beans, we came back to counter.
 I read the story as Lachlan acted it out using the storytelling set.
 Jack climbed up the beanstalk.

After Lachlan acted out the story, Peter took a turn as Lachlan sat down at the Counting Beans Sheet.  I didn't give him any instructions.  I kind of wanted to see what he would do with it.  He took one bean and put it on the 1, he took two beans and put them on the 2 and so on.  I had to get him more beans.  But they were easy to find. 
 When he was all done he checked his work. 
And that's a wrap.  Tons of fun and this sample kit certainly contained some of my favorite Mother Goose Time tools. 

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