Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Wonderland - Skiing & Experience God - Four in a Flock

Wow, long title.  Sorry about that.  But I wanted to make sure you knew we did an Experience God lesson on this day too.  I've been getting better about working in an Experience God lesson each day.  Maybe it's because it's December and Christmas is coming.  Part of my motivation is that I have been posting the ideas on Mom with a Dandelion in Her Hairs Facebook page.  I think most people I know are trying to figure out how to fit more Jesus into Christmas and I thought quick posts on Facebook with ideas could be helpful.

We started our day learning about skiing and making self portraits of ourselves skiing down a mountain.  Honestly, I don't think my boys have really seen skiing before.  So I pulled up a YouTube video for them to watch so they had an idea of what they were trying to draw. 

Mother Goose Time sent us two miniature craft sticks for skis, a paper and a pretty paper frame for our project.
 Beautiful Lucy came for a visit on this day and drew a pretty great picture.
 Peter seems to ski like I do, with his skis crossed.

 Adam enjoyed banging his blue bear manipulative on the highchair. 

 Lachlan is gluing his skis down.
Always has to use that tongue for precision. 

While still at the table we played a game of would you rather for the Mountain Travel lesson. 
The cards ask a would you rather question, like the one above.  Would you rather live on a beach or on a mountain.  There were four of us here on this day for voting.  I grabbed what I had handy for keeping track of the votes, cheerios.  But the bears they suggested in the Teacher Guide would have been much cuter. I think I was the only one who voted for the beach.

 Personally, I thought the Penguin would be hard to ride.

I know the pictures all look the same, but they are all very different questions.  It was fun to hear their answers and it sparked some funny conversation.

Next we slipped in an Experience God lesson called Four in a Flock.  We learned about being a shepherd, finding lost sheep and protecting your sheep through the night.  First we prepared 5 pieces of paper with 4 circles each.  I figured the kids could help me with that part.
 As they were doing that I hid 20 cotton balls around the living room.  Cotton balls aka sheep.
It's always easier to find sheep in the day time with a flashlight. ;)
When they found the sheep they would bring them back to the papers. 
 Luke 2:8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 

Just as a shepherd watches over his sheep, God watches over us.  Jesus is the lamb of God.  
Later in the day I got out a tray of flour and two big craft sticks for the lesson Ski Tracks.  We were supposed to draw numbers in the flour, but I just let the kids explore the flour on the kitchen floor, making tracks with the skis/craft sticks.  Honestly, I used this time to get some work done on the computer.  They were completely happy making a mess and experimenting with something Mommy wouldn't normally let them play with.  Just a quick sweep and it was all cleaned up. 

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