Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Giveaway and Blog Hop

We are doing it again!  Giving away children's books.  The Blog Ambassadors and I are teaming up and giving away 3 to 4 books each.  So follow the links at the end of this post to enter to win all of the giveaways!

I am giving away four books: Chimidyue, There's a Cow in My House, My Dad the Tuk Tuk Driver and Beatriz, Banana and the Very Big Hat.  These books are all published by Experience Early Learning, here in the USA.
Chimidyue came in our Mother Goose Time theme Rainforest Adventure.

You can see my boys telling the folktale of Chimidyue using the Storytelling Set if you click here.
"Chimidyue's story is from the Takuna trive in South America.  The Takuna live in the upper Amazon River area.  They have a rich tradition of storytelling.  The tale of Chimidyue is unique because it features a female as the main character.(As described in the back of the book)
 Chimidyue is a little girl, who one day, followed a big beautiful blue morpho butterfly into the rainforest.
While she was there she heard and saw things that seemed scary at first.  One of the sounds she heard ended up being a woodpecker and she asked the woodpecker for help.  The woodpecker said "No! Why should I make time for you? Your people cut down the trees and stole my home.  I'm much too busy building a new place to live."
Chimidyue continues to hear this complaint from the other animals she meets in the rainforest until eventually she finds her way back home with the help of the blue morpho butterfly once again.  Now back to her village she has learned an important lesson, to care for the rainforest. 

Beatriz, Bananas, and the Very Big Hat came in the My Amazing Body theme.  In this theme we learned all about our bodies as well as the things we wear, like hats on our heads.  So this book could most definitely be incorporated into a similar theme you might be covering at home or even a jungle theme.  But Beatriz, Bananas, and the Very Big Hat is also a counting book.  It focuses on the number 11.  10 + 1 = 11.  You can see how Mother Goose Time had us incorporate a fun song, with the number 11 and this book by clicking here.

Beatriz is a little girl who weaves a hat so she doesn't get lost in the jungle.  Everyone loves her hat, so she decides to weave 10 more.  She is so tired she falls asleep and the monkeys take her hats.
She has a hard time figuring out how to get the hats back.  But soon figures out a way to trick the monkeys to get them back, all 11 of them.

The next book is a classic, There's a Cow in My House.  It's pretty clear by the title what the book is about.
There is a cow in the house doing silly things.
 Even climbing in the poor kids bed. 
This book is also a song and the words and music are printed in the back of the book.
This book went along with our Down on the Farm theme.  You can see it in action with the curriculum here.

The last book that you could win is called My dad the Tuk Tuk Driver.  This is a book from the perspective of a little boy from Cambodia.  He tells the reader about his Dad, who drives a Tuk Tuk.
 You get to learn and see just what a Tuk Tuk is and what a Tuk Tuk driver in Cambodia does everyday.
 You even get to search for the Tuk Tuk amongst the busy streets. 
This book came along with the theme of Me and My Family.  It is such a great book to teach about family but also to open your children's eyes and broaden their view of the world. 
The great thing about this book is that it was written by a non profit organization called Asian Hope. Their mission statement is at the back of the book.
"Asian Hope exists to protect, educate and empower children in Cambodia through its many holistic programs.  Asian hope believes that education is the key to rising above extreme poverty, lack of resources and child trafficking.  Through three formal schools, Village Development Programs and Higher Education and Leadership Preparation Program, Asian Hope gives thousands of children and families the power to influence Cambodia for generations to come."
When you read this book to your children you don't only get a great story but you get to tell them about the wonderful work Asian Hope is doing.  It's a win win.

Speaking of winning.  Make sure to enter your name in the raffle below.

Here are the links to the other Blog Ambassador Blogs.

If you want to get your hands on any of these books you can head on over to Amazon where these books are now sold. 


  1. What an interesting selection of books you are giving away. They look just right for my youngest and I really want to read My Dad the Tuk Tuk Driver.

  2. My daughter would love these books. She is interested in learning about different cultures.

  3. Hi! I tried to visit the link in the "comment" entry, but it didn't work. Thought You should know. Also, I shared this giveaway here (under low entry). If you ever have any other giveaways, please feel free to share them (low entry or not...there's a linky for any giveaway too). Thanks!