Monday, July 13, 2015

The Tow Truck & The Ship

My son Lachlan, the master builder, was so excited to get to see a real life tow truck.  The bummer part was that I needed a tow truck to get home because all 3 of our vehicles have died in the last 3 weeks.  But we are sticking to the positive here.  John, the tow truck driver let Peter and Lachlan pull the levers to bring the bed of the truck down to drop the van and then to lift the bed of the truck back up.  Little did I know, Lachlan was taking in every detail for his next LEGO creation. 
 Here you can see the levers. 

 Little brother came to destroy with his fly swatter.
 Reeling in the winch. 
 Loaded a big tractor onto this tow truck.

 I asked him to smile.  I got some pretty silly faces.
The next project Lachlan had in mind was a big ship or big boat like Grandpa's.  He needed some help making his concept become a reality.  On Saturday Jeff and the boys worked for over and hour on this boat project while Mommy got in some much needed work.  They were thrilled with the time with Daddy and the end result.

 That piece Peter is holding up is the "fish". 
 There is a ladder, railings, a propeller and an anchor of course.
Birds eye view.


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