Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life Moments

I get in a rut sometimes of only taking and editing photos for my blog and leave behind the everyday moments.  This last weekend I spent some time sorting through some of my pictures and ran across some gems.

First, on September 14th Adam climbed up on the desk while carrying around his medicine bottle.  This was not medicine he actually took, but after giving him any sort of medicine he wants to carry the bottle around for a while.  He got his hands on this one and carried it around for hours.  He likes to try to get the cap off but the child proof tops keeps him safe.  That and I keep an eye on him.
 And then there is this, my favorite picture of the bunch.

September 16th, this happened. . .
He stole my coffee mug and was carrying it around.  He also had a cold so he was a little tired and run down.  He decided to climb up at the table when I was working on school with his brothers.  I couldn't believe the scene and was so happy I had my camera in hand.
 Hahaha, yeah bud, I get it.

Later in the day Peter got to spend some time with his rabbit Honey Bunny.  He loves creatures, all creatures.  This picture just melts my heart.
 He is so happy.

 Adam loves his critters too.
And then came face painting night, September 17th.  This was one of those occasions where Jeff and I said yes instead of no.  It was fun, and thankfully everything washed off.

Such concentration and focus. 
 It was the sweetest thing ever to see their concern and gentleness.  Such a fun moment.
 He was telling me all about what my new markings meant.

 Admiring his work.
 Paying attention to detail.
 Daddy's turn.  He had to go to work the next day.  So I was really hoping it would wash off well.
 Daddy is now a warrior!

They were overjoyed when Mommy and Daddy said yes to their crazy and fun idea.  I have a feeling this might be a memory that will stick. 

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