Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Little Bit of Boats

My poor two year old has been neglected the last few weeks.  With our house torn apart because of the dishwasher leak, I have barely gotten the basic subjects done with my 1st grader.  Seriously scraping by by doing one maybe two subjects a day and rotating through the week.  As I read through all the other Blog Ambassador posts I felt bad for my little guy and decided to at least give him one of the tray play activities from Bubble, Boats & Floats. 

This activity was from Boat day and it had us make "lakes" with circles drawn on the lakes, one lake with one circle, one with two, one with three and so on up to five. 
I just have to add here that this post is going to use all cell phone photos (gasp) because of the current office, or lack of office space.  But back to my regular program soon, I hope . . . 

The first one I made was the lake #5.  I figured he could count to 5 as he placed the boats on the circles.  For some reason I made a mental goal of trying to teach Adam to count to 5 and having that be my focus during this crazy time in our life a.k.a dishwasher leak of 2016.  If I can just focus on one thing for him, then I maybe, just maybe I could feel successful. 
When he was counting out his boats and putting them in the circles, he tried to also put one on the number five that I had written.  If I were to do it again I don't know that I would write the number on there at all because for him we are just working on the counting and one to one correspondence, not necessarily number recognition, yet. 
I kept cutting out the lakes as he kept counting.  As time went on they looked less "lake" like and more like rectangles. 
 Counting to 3.

 I don't think he noticed the shape of the paper. 
Eventually we got out our whole bin of manipulatives and all sorts of creatures and automobiles were being placed on the papers. 
To end the day he joined in on an All About Reading activity.  These were eggs that they had to flip out of the pan and then read the word on the back.  We adapted the lesson a bit by having baby flip the egg out of the pan and then having a big brother read the word.
I was surprised at how careful he was.  I thought for sure he would just push them all out of the pan, but he carefully only flipped one out at a time.  This wasn't meant to be his lesson, but he saw the words, then heard the words and did some fine and gross motor building.  So it didn't hurt! I am sure he picked up on more than I could imagine.   
And for dinner we had "waffle Wednesday" which we have every week.  We just normally have a breakfast meat, a fresh waffle with fruity yogurt mixed into the batter, and a fresh fruit side.  Tonight, with no kitchen and no sink we had toaster waffles and canned peaches.  Not so well rounded, but fun!

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