Monday, June 27, 2016

Mother Goose Time Speaks My Sons Love Language

I feel like Mother Goose Time reads the minds of my sons and knows what they need before they do.  It was a crazy week last week.  Vacation Bible school all week long.  Which for us homeschoolers is no small feet.  Then a day with cousins so that Mom and Dad could install floor and then a day at the beach for a second cousin's birthday party.  Phew, talk about TIRED.  But also attention deprived.

Yes, that's a lot of fun and excitement, but it's not much one on one attention from the parents.  So that's where Mother Goose Time comes in.  I was going to open up Gorilla day but then I remembered a couple of awesome tools from Fox day I had seen the other Blog Ambassadors write about.

These two tools went with one lesson called Fox and Friends and I knew it would totally speak to my son Peter in particular.  For him, telling silly stories, and having someone listen, totally feeds his soul, it's his love language.  One on one attention, really being listened to. 

I first popped out and taped up the animal cubes.  I told Peter that he would roll the die and then tell me if the two animals could be friends.
 He got a poisonous frog and a snake.  He decided that they would not be friends. 

Lachlan was sitting across the table with Goose reading through the A to Z book we got with the box this month.  It has the same photos as the theme posters that come in the day bags that we display.   Lachlan was looking to see what animal would come next and started reading a little about the Gorillas.  I read the bigger words and had him sound out the ones I knew he could get, like "nests". 
Did I mention we were tired?
The second set of tools that came with this activity was the storytelling set that we get each month.  This month's set was a bunch of zoo animals, the same as the animals on the cubes, and a zoo background.  It also included these Story Starters.  I read the questions and he would take it from there.  Each story starter even incorporated math by including either one or two animals. 
I chose this one because I knew Peter would enjoy it.  "One animal is laughing.  What is funny?"  Peter said the elephant was laughing because the hippo is stuck on his back.  Pour hippo.  But I guess it is kind of silly to see a hippo upside down!
I have probably said this a thousand times!  But I love Mother Goose Time because of moments like this!  Yes they are learning, but it's so much more than that.  We get to connect.  We get to have fun together.  Many families have family game nights.  We have Mother Goose Time mornings.  It just sets the tone for the whole day and helps me to stop and feed the souls of my sons.

I don't have to spend hours and hours looking for ideas that may or may not be a hit for my children.  I just open up the bag and we go for it.  We really dive into what they love and move quickly through what ever may not peak their interest that day.

If you have kiddos home for the summer and would like to spend time with them doing something other than watching a movie, playing board games or watching them play.  Then I highly recommend you buy a box.  Even if your kids are a bit older than preschool.  I know it will bring about fun moments like this one. You won't regret it.

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