Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Preschool Science wtih Mother Goose Time - Light

Day 7 is all about Light and it is the second day of a new week in which we learn all about a new scientist and inventor.  Last week was Alfred Nobel, and I learned more about him than I ever knew, and this week we are learning about Isaac Newton.

When I first read the story about Isaac Newton the boys both piped up, we have a friend named Isaac!  It just so happened that Isaac (our friend, not the inventor ;) was here on the day we were finishing up the light activities.

On light day we shined a light through a glass of water to try to make a rainbow.  We didn't have much luck.  I tried adding a white paper around the flashlight but stopped at that point because we have seen many rainbow.  I talked about spraying water from a hose and seeing the rainbow in the water.

Next we made a Color Paddle with the provided supplies from Mother Goose Time.  In the center is red cellophane.  We shined flashlights through it and we looked through it to see what it would do to the things around us.  We talked about what it meant to be translucent.  I shined a light against a solid shape piece and then a translucent one and kept using that term over and over.  I told them that it was a fancy science word and they would impress people by using it.  Then Lachlan asks "what's that word again?"

I don't necessarily recommend this method of light exploration. 

Then we took some time to Color the Rainbow with the color by number sheet we got in the day bag for today.
The very last activity we didn't get to until the next day, when Isaac was here.  First we built a fort.  The goal of the fort was to make it completely dark inside.  So we had to block out all the light with blankets.  Blankets that were more translucent than others didn't work to block the light out.  One child was inside and pointed out where the light was still getting through.  Once it was completely dark, I kicked them out, gave them each a flashlight, and hid letters inside.  This was for the Shine the Flashlight activity.
We just put all the chairs from the dining room with their backs in.  Then I used a big blanket for a roof.  This worked especially well for this activity because they had to keep laying blankets over the sides to block out light. 
 They made a door way between a couple of chairs. 
Adam woke up just as they got started, so I could not take pictures, but I had my phone and took a quick video.  They had so much fun, it was crazy.  Such a simple concept to get them excited about letters.  These kids were 5, 6 and 7 and knew there letters pretty well.  I might do this with words, hmm . . .

Here is a quick glimpse inside the cave. 

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