Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Grandparents Wear Glasses - Toddler Craft Time

This is just going to be a quick little post showing just Adam working on a craft.  This craft is considered a Make and Play by Mother Goose Time.  This means that instead of it being an open ended art project it is a craft with a pretty specific outcome in mind.  This craft is then used as a prop and is used for lots and lots of play.

Many of Mother Goose Time's art projects in previous years were more of the Make and Play format but this year they have replaced about half of those with an open ended Invitation to Create.  I really like having a little bit of both.  There are people with strong arguments for or against each style.  For me the key is balance because I do not think anyone can deny that their are benefits to both.

Adam has been super obsessed with his green shades lately.  They were actually originally bought for little Lachlan.  He was so tiny.

Adam and I had so much fun sitting down working on the paper glasses that Mother Goose Time provided for Grandparents day. I set up the paper glasses myself by taping on the one arm that didn't come attached.  I placed the paper glasses on the tray so I did not have to worry about glue getting on my table.  I dumped the jewels on the tray and gave him an open bottle of glue.

He did awesome.  Just putting one spot of glue for each jewel.

 After he put this one down he threw his hands up and said "ta da".

I mean seriously how cute is he wearing shades while working on his paper glasses.

Eventually I just had to switch over to video and record him working away.  He was so proud.  There is so much going on here.  We counted, we talked about colors.  He did some major problem solving when he tried to put down a jewel with out glue and when he had something in both hands but needed two hands to squeeze the glue.  Not to mention the fine motor skills.

Warning - if a toddler chewing on a mouth full of salami while talking freaks you out, this may not be the video for you!

I also have to point out the amazing time we had together as he crafted.  There is a time to step back and give them complete freedom and independence and there is a time to just sit and enjoy the project together.  Most of the time my participation is based on how many dishes are in the sink.  Dishes, laundry, work, a friend or family member calling.  There are so many distractions and things to get done in a day.  Sitting with him didn't take long, but it was so valuable.  This I write as a reminder to myself.  The list can wait from time to time.

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