Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dino I Spy Bag by Life in Color

My friend Amber is a women of MANY talents.  You can find her at Life in Color's blog and she has Etsy store.  For Christmas she gave Adam one of her I Spy Bags.  This one is Dino themed and each of the dinosaurs are various primary colors.
Adam sat down at the table, with his yellow goggles on, and it just screamed photo op!
I have to say, he surprised me.  I knew he could point out some colors, but he knew them all.  Mom, it's the purple one, Mom it's the orange one.  Mom it's the orange one's baby.
When he couldn't find one of them, I told him to shake it and the one he was looking for popped right up.
These things would be so perfect for entertainment in the car.
Each bag comes with the I Spy key, which is a photo of all the items you can find in the bag.  The photo is laminated, so if I wanted to really get him into it, I could give him a washable dry erase crayon and have him cross them out as he finds them.
Amber sells them for $12 and I think they are worth every penny.
 And it's so much easier to see the world through upside down yellow goggles.

Get your toddler one of these.  You won't regret it.


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    1. I've seen things like this done with a plastic bottle too. But this just fits in the hand so well. She used the plastic beans too, so this thing could be washed if need be and after drying out should be good to go. Some of these are made with rice and so washing would not be a possibility. I am sure this wouldn't like being washed too many times, but at least it's an option if who knows what happens. You can never predict when it comes to toddlers.