Friday, January 20, 2017

Everyday Life in Unedited Jpegs.

Here's a long story for why I am writing this post.  My shutter blade on my old Nikon D50 broke.  Fixing the blade would cost more than the value of the camera, so I upgraded to a new to me Nikon D7000.  This new camera comes with some awesome new perks, super high ISO capability, larger SD cards but also larger file sizes.  This was all great for everyone except my poor computer.  My computer cries as it loads these big files for editing and says "I curse you new camera!"

So I am adapting.  I love good pictures of us doing school and other everyday moments.  But until I get a new computer (sorry old computer), I had to do something else.  So I am shooting my around the house photos in just jpeg, no RAW.  After all, jpeg can still be edited, if need be.

I have also changed my way of taking pictures, since my new camera can do a lot of the work for me.  I set ISO and take pictures on aperture priority.  My handy dandy sensor can do the rest.  What this means, is that the pictures come out pretty darn good, with enough light, straight out of the camera.

So with out further ado, here are some everyday moments from this last week.  This is our Wednesday.

The boys spent at least an hour drawing Pokemon or creating and drawing their own Pokemon.

 Picking out just the right color.

 The rabbit has figured out how to come through the doggie door.  He hopped in and dropped a couple of pellets.  Looked around and went back out.
 Peter poses with his rainbow creature creation.
 Lachlan draws a Pokemon based off of it's mini figure.
 Among their creativity I was trying to set up for "school".  Not sure how well that will go over.

On Thursday, the boys lined up at the counter and I fed them lunch while folding laundry.  It struck me as a fun moment so I grabbed my camera again.
I served them a completely balanced meal of microwave burritos, go gurts and juice.
 Lachlan thought it was funny to suck his thumb like a baby because he was sitting in the baby chair.
 Adam found this little camera in the play room and wanted to take a picture of me.
 Peter spilled half his go gurt down his shirt.
 Adam got a phone call.
 Lachlan made a comment about how Adam had the camera backwards and he was quite disgusted by his words.
 Lachlan tried to show Adam how he should be holding the camera.
 I thought fruit might be a nice addition to the meal.  Adam wanted some, the other two did not.
 Adam asked for a fork, when I brought this one, it was not the right one.
 He needed a little fork.

 Peter wanted a second burrito and I overheated it, so he needed a knife and fork to cut it up and blow on it.
 Pretty good knife skills there.
 Adam had nasty booger crusted to the rim of both nostrils.  Of course, since I was in a documenting of everyday life mood, I needed to get a good picture.  Because after all, this is what toddlers look like up close.
 A better angle.  Don't worry I did wash his face, and then 15 minutes later they were back again and smeared across both cheeks.  :)
 Peter wanted a picture of his messy face too.  Note the beans on the corner of his mouth.
So there you have it, nice jpeg pictures of our messy, somewhat balanced, everyday life.

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