Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Great Kite Rescue

This story is a classic tale of childhood - the kite that got stuck in the tree.
Lachlan got his new kite on Easter.  We took it to the park a few days ago and he got his first real experience with flying a kite all by himself.  Since then he has been obsessed with flying his kite.  An obsession I can fully support. Thankfully our neighborhood doesn't have power lines, everything is under ground.  So he can fly in our front yard and in the street.  There are a few trees though, so we warned him and warned him again - keep your string short and don't get close to trees.

Well, a warning is one thing, but don't we all learn better by making our own mistakes?  I think it is safe to say, Lachlan has learned his lesson.
I tried pulling on the string to see if I could get it loose and it was not budging.  It looked too high for a ladder and Lachlan, who normally loves to climb trees, was a little nervous about the height.  I knew my husband would have some ideas when he got home from work but I couldn't stop my wheels from turning.  I even put it out there on Facebook for my friends to give some advice.  One idea was to train a squirrel to fetch. ;)

I said to Lachlan, I wonder if we could call someone to help.  His first idea was to call Mayor John, because he can solve any problem in this town.  We had a special meeting with him a while back.

But my first thought was a cherry picker truck.  Hmm ... do I know anyone who would have one.  Don't think I do.  That's when MINET fiber popped into my head.  I knew they had some because I have seen them working around town.  I also knew that they were a local company with roots in this community and we have always had great experiences with them.  So I sent them an instant message through Facebook.  I figured I didn't need to tie up the phone lines with this request, but if someone happens to see our message for help and wants to lend a hand, then great!

The next thing I know I get a message back asking for our address, then they let me know they would send a tech out AND there happened to be one in the neighborhood.  Not even 10 minutes later he was here and rescuing Lachlan's beloved kite.

I really couldn't stop laughing.  It was such a fun and special moment.  I am just so thankful for our wonderful community and it warms my heart when we humans help each other.  I would even bet, that when this gentleman got the call to save a kite and make a little boys day, it brought a smile to his face.  He seemed happy to help.

Once the kite was finally safe and back on the ground we asked for a picture with the kite rescuer - our hero.
Everyone wanted to be in the picture with him, so they crowded around.  The sad part is, I didn't even ask him his name!  Thank you, to whoever you are and to MINET for saving the day!
Thanks to you, the kite got it's chance to fly once more!

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